For BPO Provider

For BPO Provider

Helport Vendor Management helps BPO providers gain access to a broader network of business opportunities, enhance the quality of work, and keep ahead of competitors.

Our Process

  • 1. OnboardGet in touch via our website with BPO info
  • 2. Company Due DiligenceEvaluate the company‘s past performance,legal obligations, client relationships, and any other material facts, to match the suitable tasks
  • 3. Receive TasksHelphub and clients will assign tasks to BPO provider according to its capacity, language, past performance
  • 4. Task ExecutionBPO allocates agents for the task. HelportAI Assistant empowers agents with capability to deliver task and achieve KPIs
  • 5. QualityAssurance and ReportHelport AIAssistant ensure the quality of service and generate real time report

Why helport can help BPO?

  • We increased the bill installment service fee by 9.5%.
  • We have reduced Type 2 violations in the bill installment business by 5.8%.
  • The supervision team leader monitors in real time according to the real-time monitoring results management, intervention, training
  • Quality inspection report - generate scores and reports for individual agents
  • Reduce agent violations for the rest of the day

customer cases

Case Study #1 Modernization of traditional BPOs

Services Required

  • Identifying the root of issue and reason
  • Rebranding of their ‘Traditional BPO Company’ reputation


  • 5 new business opportunities within 3 months
  • Agents turnover rate -70%
  • Training time -50%
  • Customer satisfaction +60%
  • Number of agents to per supervisor +60%
Case Study #2 Fast pacing for new start ups

Services Required

  • Identifying and linking business opportunity
  • Enhance and improve team quality of work via AI solutions


  • New business opportunity within a month
  • Training time -50%
  • Customer satisfaction +30%
  • Number of agents to per supervisor +50%

Hear it From Our Users

Senior Manager - BPO Company
Not only did Helport connect me with other clients, their AI tool is fabulous. All my agents were happy after using their AI tool as work became much easier for them. Every call they made reduced the time duration by at least 20-30%, but still maintained the work standard.
CEO - BPO Company
Helport connected me with a few of their clients and provided my team with the necessary training for the new business. This has greatly helped me in expanding my business and team within a short period of time.
Team Lead - BPO Company
Helport Assistance tool is absolutely fantastic, not only it helps newer agents to adapt quickly to the business, it also provides senior agents with tools to help in their conversion of sales from a normal conversation. Ever since using this tool our business has been expanding quickly.


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