Helport Assistant - AI Tools For Contact Center

Helport Assistant - AI Tools For Contact Center

Helport AI Assistant is a set of AI-driven software products and services, designed to enhance agent performance, quality control, operational management, and knowledge base operation within contact centers. It is positioned as a tool for "assistance" and "empowerment," rather than a "complete replacement". The following are the four major functions of AI Assist.

Hear it From Our Users

operation director
I am extremely impressed with the results after applying Helport AI solutions. The Intelligent Knowledge Base has significantly improved knowledge management and utilization, making our team more efficient and effective. The Intelligent Contact Center System's integration of various functions has streamlined our operations and enhanced customer interactions. Remote Supervision has given supervisors unparalleled oversight, and Auto Quality Assurance has empowered our agents with valuable real-time feedback for continuous growth. Lastly, the Intelligent Marketing System has boosted our success rates and efficiency by providing accurate customer profiles and targeted product recommendations. These AI tools have truly revolutionized our contact center operations, and we couldn't be happier with the outcomes.


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