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Largest 7 BPO companies in 2023

BPO, or business process outsourcing, has been a game changer for companies and startups looking to save costs and streamline business operations. BPO companies are the leading providers of specialized services supporting non-core business operations like business strategy, security as a service, software development, recruitment, etc. 

Various companies have invested so much in the ease and efficiency of BPO companies worldwide. This trust is evident in the number of companies that use the service of one or two business process outsourcing. According to the Statista 2021 survey, over 57% of companies use BPO (business process outsourcing) to execute their core operations, issues, and activities. 

The importance of BPO companies in this tumultuous world business environment can not be overstated. They help companies save costs and streamline their entire business operation. 

However, selecting the best choice among the glut of BPO companies worldwide can be difficult. Therefore, we’ve curated the Largest 7 BPO companies worldwide to assist you with your selection. If you want to know more about BPO, you can read our article: What is business process outsourcing?

Largest BPO Companies in 2023 

To ease your selection process, we list out the largest business process outsourcing companies in the world. These BPO companies provide numerous services, while the number of employees outlined here represents how many people they have in their workforce domestically and offshore. 



Accenture has been widely regarded as the king among BPO companies worldwide. As a Fortune 500 company, Accenture specializes in information technology services, business operations, and consulting. Accenture revolutionized the BPO market landscape with a league of experts spanning over 450,000, spread across 120 different branches worldwide, including its headquarters in Ireland. 

The company leverages in-depth employee training and modern technology to deliver quality BPO services to established organizations and startup firms. With Accenture, companies can use their services for everything: customer services, supply chain management, and intelligence finance operations, among others. 

In furtherance of Accenture commitment to lean and agile business practices, the company has invested heavily in developing a human and machine operations engine (SynOp) to revolutionize remote working and facelift an agile and flexible workforce. 

Number of Employees: 733,000
Major Clients: Adobe, Alibaba, Salesforce, Google, Dell, Cisco, Microsoft, Oracle, Blur Yonder, VMware, PegaSystem, IBM, Redhat, etc 
BPO Service Provided: 

  • Digital Marketing 
  • Business Strategy 
  • Cloud Services
  • Tech Consulting
  • Blockchain Solution
  • Human Resources
  • Insurance and Healthcare
  • Supply Chain Administration



With a knack for reinventing existing business practices, IBM offers a combination of services and technology to transform companies. Every organization can bear a testament to IBM BPo services. IBM BPO services revolve around helping organizations streamline and optimize their business operations. IBM provides these services by handling the organization’s supply chain operation, Human resources, recruitment, marketing services, finance management, etc. 

IBM has developed a series of specialized software for handling various organizational functions. One foremost example is the IBM ix services that handle finance management and CX. The IBM ix services provide access to business analytics and insight to B2B and B2C organizations while at the same time handling business automation, digital channels, and others. 

Number of Employees: 350,000+ 
Major Clients: Oracle, Cisco, Google, HP, Dell, Microsoft, VMware, Intel, Nortel, Toshiba, etc. 
BPO service Provided:

  • Risks Management 
  • Customer Service
  • Human Resources
  • Business automation
  • Finance Management
  • Blockchain Technology
  • Supply Chain Operations



Headquartered in New York, United States, Genpact is a global BPO service provider that offers business AI-based digital solutions. This growing professional services firm specializes in helping organizations achieve their operational outcomes with the right technical solutions, support, and consulting combinations. Genpact has hacked this niche and made it their forte by leveraging data analysis and insights to create a pathway toward helping organizations achieve their business goals and targets. 

The company has replicated this success with hundreds of big brands in various sectors, including hotels, tech, manufacturing, construction, information communications, etc. Genpact service ranges from digits to services artificial intelligence, business optimization, supply chain, and customer services. 

Number of Employees: 120,000+
Major Clients: Salesforce, Oracle, Guidewire, Microsoft, Google Cloud, Dataiku, Amazon AWS, Anaplan, etc. 
BPO Service Provided: 

  • Risk Management and Control 
  • Insurance Claims
  • Invoice to Cash Conversion
  • Real Estate Claims
  • Customer Service
  • Wealth Management
  • Procurement
  • Enterprise Performance



Teleperformance is a French customer experience management and business process outsourcing company. With over 400,000 employees and clients in 170 countries, Teleperformance offers a range of BPO solutions, such as business analytics and consulting services to optimize business processes and back-office processing.
The company’s interest in customer experience management also assists brands with videos, metaverse customer experience, and multilingual customer support. 

It’s imperative to note that Teleperformance’s diverse workforce enables them to handle customer support services in over 300 languages and dialects. Teleperformance is a reputable brand with over 40 years of experience in BPO (business process outsourcing) services. The company’s tenet is based on integrating cutting-edge technology to optimize customer experience and satisfaction. 

Number of Employees: 410,000
Major Clients: Nestle, Flipkart, Zenio, Vodafone, Hawai Airlines, Salto, Maurices, Groupama, Santander Bank, Samsung, Wish, etc. 
BPO Service Provided: 

  • Human Resources Services
  • Customer Service
  • Sales
  • Social Media
  • Translation
  • Business Analytics
  • Customer Experience Consultant
  • Content Moderation
  • Intelligent Automation 



Wipro is the leading Indian provider of information technology, business process automation, consulting services, and BPO services to companies globally. Wipro’s headquarters in Bangalore, India, has been a hub for covering everything concerning how they enable companies to transition to cloud-based technologies, revamp their infrastructure, provide new engineering solutions, curate state-of-the-art cybersecurity systems, and provide them with well-optimized and secure modern infrastructure.

 That’s not all; Wipro also covers other non-core business services like customer support, digital marketing, user interaction, and experience. As a world-renowned tech giant, Wipro utilizes insightful data analytics and other intelligent resources to make decisions for ease of business processes. Additionally, Wipro provides backend solutions to companies with their evergreen business analysis and data management systems. 

Number of Employees: 240,000+ 
Major Clients: Adobe, Cisco, Microsoft, Consortium, Amazon AWS, DataStax, Thingworx, Altizon, CloudVelox, Biz2Credit, ScaleArc, Episerver etc. 
BPO Service Provided: 

  • Cloud Infrastructure 
  • Data Analytics
  • Business Insights
  • Industry 4.0
  • Digital Workspace Solution
  • Cybersecurity
  • DevOps
  • Blockchain



Concentrix is a household name among customer experience solution providers. The American company provides BPO services such as automation, data analytics, and business automation. Concentrix does this by supporting brands in the designs, development, and stress-free operations of the customer service arm of their business. As a transformative brand, Concentrix has changed how businesses see their customers by developing their one-of-a-kind customer loyalty strategy. 

In addition, Concentrix identifies the loopholes in every organization and fixes them to strengthen its grip and position in the market. Another prominent BPO service that Concentrix offers is CX (customer experience) management and strategies while overhauling the organization platform and building it from scratch. 

Number of Employees: 315,000
Major Clients: Avaya, Amazon, Google, Adobe, Apple, Microsoft, Salesforce, Automation Anywhere, Cogito, DataBricks, Celonis, OpenAI, Quiq, etc. 
BPO Service Provided: 

  • Marketing Solution 
  • Webhelp
  • Revenue Growth Services
  • Customer Care
  • Technical Support
  • Data Analytics
  • Customer. Engagement
  • Designs

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The enormity of Alorica’s impact on the global BPO companies on the world can not be underestimated. Alorica was named a leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Customer Service BPO in 2022. 

Alorica is one of the largest certified minority-owned BPO companies in the world today. Headquarters in Irvine, California, United States, Alorica is a comprehensive and world-renowned customer experience CX partner that served companies in sectors like Automotive, health, Fintech, lifestyle, and others in the Fortune 1000. 

The brand has over 100,000 employees who are ultra-focused on excellent customer service delivery in over 100 locations across the globe. Alorica’s intuitive approach to business process outsourcing has set them aside from their contemporaries. The brand also provides world-class services, such as logistics and fulfillment. 

Number of Employees: 100,000+
Major Clients: T-Mobile, Direct TV, Amazon, Walmart, Sirius XM, AT&T, Spectrum, Direct Energy, Kohl, etc. 
BPO Service Provided: 

  • Back Office Support 
  • Sales and Marketing
  • Customer Service
  • Technical Support
  • Content Moderation
  • Fraud Detection and Prevention
  • Risk Compliance
  • Human Resources
  • IT Services

Comparative Analysis 

Company Name 



Innovation & Technology 

Scalability and Flexibility 

Cost Effectivenesss 


Global Reach and commitment to service  

Complex organization structure and high turnover 

Strong innovation focus 

Highly scalable and flexible enough to tailor their offering to client needs 

Flexible pricing 


extensive experience and strong track records 

Expensive, challenges with communication   and complex organization Structure 

Slow to adopt new innovations and being too focused on their legacy system 

Scalable and flexible business model 

Highly priced 


Highly effective and focused 

They are more focused in few countries 

Smart sourcing, lean digital and others 

Highly scalable and flexible 

Highly cost effective 


Strong track record of success and commitment.

Large and complex organization structure 

Early adopter of new technologies like cloud computing, AI, Big data analytics, etc.

Quick to adapt to clients

Highly cost-effective


Best at developing new solutions

High employee turnover rate and lack of emerging market

Committed to using new technologies

Highly flexible and scalable



Has a significant advantage in terms of scale and reach

High debt-to-equity ratio and low employee engagement 

Constantly investing in new technologies

Can quickly scale its operation up and down to meet your needs

Offers their services at competitive prices


Strong track records and commitment to customer satisfaction 

High client turnover rate

Leader in the use of technology to provide BPO services 

Scalable and Flexible solutions 

Highly cost-effective


It's a general knowledge that business process outsourcing is an effective strategy for cost-cutting and boosting revenue. Most multinational organizations have utilized this model to streamline their business processes and have achieved considerable and enticing results. Choosing the best BPO companies can be challenging in this polarized marketplace where new BPO companies are springing up daily. 

This concise and carefully curated comparative analysis and overview of the largest 7 (BPO) business process outsourcing companies is a game-changer. There is no faultless business process outsourcing service provider; the right BPO company you choose solely relies on your business needs, location, client reach, and budget. 

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