The Best Outsourcing Partner Among Other Vendors

A prominent e-commerce company has increased work volume and faced challenges in managing their inbound voice, email, and chat customer service. The company struggled to meet the growing demand, resulting in a decline in customer satisfaction. To enhance their service and create a positive customer experience, they added Helport as an additional vendor to manage the growth.


1. Overwhelmed Customer Service Department: The increasing volume of customer contacts through multiple channels was overwhelming the existing customer service teams, leading to delayed responses and dissatisfied customers.

2. Inconsistent Service Quality:High staff turnover resulted in inconsistent service quality, leading to multiple complaints.

3. Unmet Performance Targets:The teams were struggling to achieve their goals, while productivity and quality targets were consistently falling short.


1. Specialized Inbound Support Teams: Helport assembled dedicated teams of specialists experienced in online retail and well-versed in handling voice, email, and chat interactions.

2. Accelerated Onboarding and Training:Our streamlined onboarding process and personalized training modules, along with Helport Assistant ensured that specialists attained proficiency swiftly, enabling them to deliver excellent service as the program goes live.

3. Performance-Oriented Approach:Helport implemented a performance-driven approach, setting clear goals and establishing regular feedback loops to continuously improve agent behavior and service delivery.

Implementation and Results

1. Speed to Proficiency and Professionalism:Helport specialists impressed the client with their rapid speed to proficiency, professionalism and utilization of the Helport Assistant tools in handling customer interactions.

2. Best in Class Performance and Behavior:The client lauded our agents for their best in class performance and exemplary behavior, which enhanced customer satisfaction and loyalty.

3. Exceeding Targets:By the second month after the go-live date, Helport team members consistently surpassed step goals, productivity targets, and quality benchmarks, elevating the overall customer service experience.

4. Delighted Client:The e-commerce company’s managers expressed their immense satisfaction with Helport’s service and partnership. They praised our people, software, and processes, highlighting our best in class output over other vendors.


Helport’s outsourcing service successfully transformed the e-commerce client’s customer service operations, integrating with Helport Assistant tools and providing a seamless and efficient inbound voice, email, and chat support. Our speed to proficiency, professionalism, and world-class performance impressed the client, leading to improved customer satisfaction and loyalty. By exceeding targets and delivering exceptional service, we became the perfect partners for their business, surpassing other vendors with our skilled agents, advanced technology, and performance-oriented processes. The successful collaboration reinforced our position as a trusted outsourcing partner for customer service omnichannel programs.

Service Required

Omnichannel Customer Service



  • Bestin Class performance over other Vendors
  • +98%Quality Scores
  • +10%Productivity with Helport Assistant AI Tools Value Add
  • 4 weeksspeed to proficiency
  • BestNPS Scores