Modernization of traditional BPOs

An existing mid-sized traditional BPO Company started losing out more and more business partners due to advancement of technology in the industry. The CEO of the Company had been rejecting the idea of integrating AI technology into their work culture. Over the years, their results have been affected as they are still using traditional methods of teleconsulting and managing. They also noticed their headcount turnover rate is rising months by months, and are often not able to retain the good agents. After hearing about Helport technology and services, they approach us and seek ideas to move ahead.


1. Traditional method of working:The Company is still using the traditional method of teleconsulting, agents had to manually key in notes, scripts, and look for information when a question is asked by the client over the call.

2. Traditional method of management:Likewise, by using the traditional method of management in the Company. Supervisor manually supervises the team of agents on the work process and quality of call. Listening to log call by call to make sure agents are working and do not have any miscommunication with clients.

3. Headcount turnover rate rising:Agents keep leaving and they have to spend time and money to train new agents all over again, more importantly unable to keep the good agents. Most feedback from agents that left is that too much manual work and effort.

4. Company reputation labeled as traditional company:After years of not advancing with AI technology, the Company is known in the industry for not keeping up their standard of work. It will be hard to find new business opportunities.


1. AI solution integration:Provide Helport Assistance integration to their current work system to greatly change their traditional way of working. No longer have to manually key in notes, scripts or look for information for the agents.

2. Monitoring system:Helport provides AI tools for monitoring purposes on the agents, onsite or offsite. The tools help the supervisor to monitor the agents screen anytime in real-time, if the agents were to convey any wrong information, rude remarks or even breach of sales ethic, reminders will be notified to supervisor. This will then ensure the agents to be more careful, polite and maintain professionalism at all times. Supervisor can now also monitor more agents at a time as well compared to using the traditional method.

3. Getting agents to adapt to the system:Provide training for the agents and supervisors on the AI integration system, work will be easier for them once they get the hang of it.

4. Rebranding through Helport network:Connect them with new business opportunities, providing assurance of their work quality with the integration of our AI technology.

Implementation and Results

1. Understanding root issues:We checked in with the Company on the reason for not wanting to integrate AI solutions. The Company is afraid of rising cost not sustainable, the complexity of the system, and data security. We did an analysis with them to make sure all these will not be an issue. Costs are low, systems are easy to pick up, data security will not be breached.

2. Twin Repetition, Knowledge Base and Quality Checks:With these 3 functions of our AI solutions, we guarantee newer agents can learn and adapt to the business within the shortest period of time without any additional cost. These functions provide answers to the agents as well as quality checks after delivering information to customers. The Company saw exceptional results from a few new agents where they perform as well as the more experienced agents. Training time has cut at least 50% from previously. This also leads to an increase in customer satisfaction by 30%.

3. Monitoring workbench:Through our monitoring workbench for the supervisors, they can see all the agents screen in real-time as well as their online/away status. The supervisor can now also monitor more agents at a time including those that are working offsite, increasing efficiency. This also led to agents making lesser mistakes.


Enhancement of traditional BPOs

A traditional BPO Company having issues with finding new business opportunities due to lack of technology advancement, which also leads to loss of good agents.

Services Required

Identifying the root of issue and reason

Integrating AI solution to their work for efficiency

Rebranding of their "Traditional BPO Company" reputation


  • 5 new business opportunitieswithin 3 months
  • -70%Agents turnover rate
  • -50%Training time
  • +60%Customer satisfaction
  • +60%Number of agents to per supervisor