Fast Pacing For New Start Ups

A new start up BPO Company in the Philippines is struggling to find new business for his Company. Due to the competitiveness of this industry, the company is not able to secure any new business. Feedback from these businesses is that the Company is relatively new in the industry, and the agents are less experienced compared to their competitors, therefore, businesses are having second thoughts about outsourcing their business to them. After trying for a couple of months, the company still did not manage to secure any deals. The Company then decided to look for Helport to assist on this.


1. Unestablished presence in the industry:The Company is relatively new in the industry, therefore does not have much track record of previous work experience. This will be a major concern for the businesses to work with the Company as they do not have any assurance of the work quality of the Company.

2. Lack of experienced agents:The Company team consists of mostly newer agents which will be a major issue for the Company as it might take a longer period of time to train the agents compared to the more experienced ones.

3. Monitoring process:The Company is also concerned about the monitoring process of the agents as it is still a small Company with limited management seats, at times they might even have to work remotely, therefore it is hard to monitor all the agents work attitude and ethics.


1. Extensive network of businesses:With Helport’s extensive network of businesses, we extend the service of the Company to different industries including bigger scale BPO companies. Helport managed to secure a few business connections to the Company within a month. The Company has since then picked up its pace and has upscale to a bigger Company with more agents.

2. AI tools and training:We provided the Company with our AI tool (Helport Assistance), and it has helped the Company agents to achieve great heights. Not only has it boosted the agent’s competency and efficiency level, it has helped newer agents to get to speed in terms of work performance. Customer satisfaction has also significantly increased ever since using the Helport Assistance.

3. Monitoring system:Helport also provides AI tools for monitoring purposes on the agents, onsite or offsite. The tools help the supervisor to monitor the agents screen anytime in real-time, if the agents were to convey any wrong information, rude remarks or even breach of sales ethic, reminders will be notified to supervisor. This will then ensure the agents to be more careful, polite and maintain professionalism at all times. Supervisor can now also monitor more agents at a time as well compared to using the traditional method.

Implementation and Results

1. Understanding Company and Businesses:By understanding both the Outsourced BPO company as well as the potential business partners, we helped to match them up and provide certain assurance for both sides. The Company was looking for new business for a couple of months without any result, however after engaging with us, they managed to secure a business deal within a month with some negotiation through us.

2. Knowledge Base and Quality Checks:With these 2 functions of our AI tool, we guarantee newer agents can learn and adapt to the business within the shortest period of time without any additional cost. These functions provide answers to the agents as well as quality checks after delivering information to customers. The Company saw exceptional results from a few new agents where they perform as well as the more experienced agents. Training time has cut at least 50% from previously. This also leads to an increase in customer satisfaction by 30%.

3. Monitoring workbench:Through our monitoring workbench for the supervisors, they can see all the agents screen in real-time as well as their online/away status. The supervisor can now also monitor more agents at a time including those that are working offsite, increasing efficiency. This also led to agents making lesser mistakes.


Fast pacing for new start ups

A Start Up BPO Company having issues with finding new business opportunities due to lack of reputation in the industry and an inexperienced team.

Services Required

Identifying and linking business opportunity.

Enhance and improve team quality of work via AI solutions.


  • New business opportunitywithin a month
  • -50%Training time
  • +30%Customer satisfaction
  • +50%Number of agents to per supervisor