Enhancing a Financial Program’s Efficiency through Outsourcing

A US-based financial institution faced staffing and efficiency challenges within their account management department. The company was struggling to meet the increasing demands of their clients, resulting in longer turnaround times, a decrease in customer satisfaction and lost revenue. To overcome these obstacles and achieve operational excellence, the CEO decided to outsource their Level 1 and Level 2 specialists to Helport.


1. Staffing Shortages:The company faced difficulty recruiting and retaining skilled specialists due to high competition in the market and a shortage of qualified candidates. Salary expectations were also increasing.

2. Inefficient Processes:Existing processes had bottlenecks and lacked the operational rigor to cope with the growing demands of their clientele.

3. Decreased Productivity:The inefficiencies and staffing shortages resulted in a decline in overall productivity, leading to delays in addressing client inquiries and concerns.


1. Expert Management and Talent Acquisition:Leveraging Helport’s extensive network of skilled specialists and geographical expertise, Level 1 and Level 2 specialists with proven track records in the financial industry were handpicked to be part of the program.

2. Technology Integration:Helport incorporated technology tools and omnichannel support to streamline operations and communication.

3. Proactive Problem-Solving:A thorough problem identification and process mapping exercise to identify inefficiencies and bottlenecks was done, proactive solutions were implemented to enhance productivity. Regular check and balance were added to the operational process to address concerns.

Implementation and Results

1. Swift Performance:By week 4 from the go-live date, outsourced Level 1 and Level 2 specialists had comparable performance levels to onshore team members. Impressed by the speedy integration, the client acknowledged the seamless transition.

2. Surpassing Onshore Performance: Helport specialists demonstrated exceptional expertise, surpassing the onshore team's performance by week 5. This rapid improvement further solidified the client's confidence in our capabilities.

3. Increased Productivity:Through strategic process improvements and effective management, the overall productivity of the financial program increased significantly, reducing response times and increasing customer satisfaction.

4. Scalability and Expansion:With the newfound value that was delivered, the client entrusted Helport with additional responsibilities and added more headcount to further leverage on the expertise, technology, and flexibility.


Helport’s outsourcing service successfully addressed the financial program’s staffing and efficiency challenges by providing top-notch Level 1 and Level 2 specialists. The integration of expert management, technology, process improvements and proactive problem-solving increased productivity and customer satisfaction. As a result, the partnership proved to be a success, leading to expanded responsibilities and added headcount, solidifying Helport’s position as a trusted outsourcing partner.

Service Required

Level 1 and Level 2 Staffing

Omnichannel Customer Service and Sales

Post Sales Service and Follow Ups


  • +25%increase in productivity
  • +8%increase in conversion
  • +27%increase in profitability
  • 4 weeksspeed to proficiency
  • 99%Quality Scores