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Wing Assistant vs Nextiva

We are in an era where every company, organization and individual wants a stressless way of completing tasks. This is a window of opportunity that sectors like automation, business process outsourcing, virtual assistant, virtual call center,customer engagement, etc, are built on. Out of these sectors are hundreds of prominent companies. 

One of them is the wing assistant. This world-renowned virtual assistant company provides busy people and industries with a designated personal assistant. Wing assistant personal assistants help to maintain a work-life balance by offloading repetitive and tedious tasks. 

Another company on the same trajectory of excellence is Nextiva. This connected communication company uniquely manages its client customer communications in one place. 

The one unique similarity between these two companies revolves around revenue generation and how they simplify tasks. However, not many people can see the difference between the two. Therefore, we bring the critical difference between Wing Assistant and Nextiva. 

Key Difference Between Wing Assistant and Nextiva 

Understanding the difference between the wing assistant and Nextiva can take you out of the illusions and help you get the right product fit for your company and individual needs. Regardless of how tough it can become, it is imperative to make this decision to get the help your team need. 

Wing Assistant and Nextiva have similarities,  their pros and cons, as well as their differences. We understand that it’s normal to have a tough time while trying to get the critical difference between them for your team’s needs. But don’t worry; we will simplify that for you with this table. 

Brand Name 

Year Founded 

Service Rendered  


Brand Philosophy 

Target Market 

Wing Assistant  


Dedicated Virtual Assistant 

Part-Time: $599 per month. 

Full Time: $999 per Month

Full Time2x: $1699 per month 

Changing the Way Companies Hire and Work With Virtual Assistants 

Companies and Busy Individuals 



VoIP Phone Services,  and CRM 

$17.95 per month 

Nextiva Was Built on the Idea that All Business Deserve Better 

Companies Only 

Wing Assistant: Overview


The Wing Assistant has a simplistic business idea that revolves around building a never-before-seen virtual assistant model for busy professionals and enterprises. The Comings was founded in 2018 and is headquartered in California, United States. 

Wing Assistant is showcased as a product-driven managers marketplace with a penchant for matching expert vetted virtual assistants aided by artificial intelligence with SME teams and individuals. 

1. Wing Assistant Product Options 

Wing assistants have a series of differentiating factors that set them apart from their competitors. One such is a full-time and part-time virtual assistant option. This feature enables every Wing virtual assistant to serve as a team member irrespective of the time they are needed or the type of task assisted. 

Additionally, the Wing also offers a free task management app. The growing demand for cutting-edge product management software integrated with dedicated chatting systems, Kanban boards, and file-sharing systems necessitated such innovation. 

This is an industry-first fully optimized virtual assistant management software with everything you need, starting from communication, team collaboration, task management and file sharing. 

2. Wing Assistant Product Prices 

Talking about the pricing, Wing Assistant have every justifiable feature and value for your money that are commensurate with how much they charge per month. At just $599 per month, you are entitled to a full-time dedicated personal assistant, customer success manager, support team and virtual assistant management software. 

3. Company Philosophy and Culture

Wing Assistant rides on the belief that they can revolutionize how virtual assistants are being hired and utilized by companies and professionals. The company has achieved considerable success in this type of conviction by amassing a significant number of employee, between 500 and 1,000, that can go the extra mile for their clients.

The professionalism that spread across all employees is a testament to Wing Assistant’sAssistant’s company culture. Every Wing client gives an accurate account of how Wing dedicated virtual assistants have been a life changer for them. 

Nextiva: Overview


Nextiva is a unicorn company and the foremost cloud communication service provider with intelligent virtual assistants and performance solutions as add-ons. Established on April 1, 2006, the brand has been a revelation for businesses looking for an easy-to-use software solution to manage their customer conversations and, at the same time, engage with them. 

Nextiva’s award-winning software solution was integrated with video, SMS, and Email, with productivity and customer experience tools like workflow automation, Team rooms, analytics, customer journey, etc. 

Nextiva Main Products 

Nextiva capitalizes on two most important aspects namely. 

1. Smart Working with All in one Productivity App 

Nextiva identifies the growing concerns companies encounter with loads of productivity apps targeted at achieving one task. This is a crude method that requires more hands and takes more time. 

Nextiva bridges the gap by introducing an all-in-one mobile application that simplifies their work and gets more done smartly. This has simplified the way companies do their things by getting rid of productivity losses and having all they need at one point. 

2. Delightful Customer Engagement Tool 

Another thing is customer engagement. There’sThere’s no denying that customers are every business’s major purpose. Nextiva’s customer engagement tool is game-changing and offers more than it takes. 

With this tool, businesses and organizations can understand their customer needs before starting any conversation. Also, the engagement algorithm utilizes big data to show customers how they feel and what’s needed. Lastly, big brands also use Nextiva customer engagement tools to monitor and understand their customer journey from inception. 

3. Nextiva Product Prices

Nextiva offered business communication services and a contact centre. These services include different prices and plans. Under their business communication that ensures seamless communication with your customer, monthly and annual plans are sectioned under three categories. For companies with 100 users, Nextiva essential plans for $17.95 per user per month, while those with fewer users pay more. 

Their professional plans are priced at $21.95, while the enterprise option costs $31.95/user/ month. The second product offering is the contact centre. This package includes Nextiva all in one productivity mobile application. The contact centre pricing plan and options are not disclosed. Therefore, you need to message an expert to get a quote. 

4. Nextiva Company Philosophy and Culture

The core mandate for Nextiva was all about building a solid model and template for the future of how business and technology align and work together. The belief was about achieving the ever-elusive oneness of operation where companies can work together on one platform, one workspace, with seamless interactions and collaboration. 

Everyone rated Nextiva’s agenda and how they executed it. With more than 1000 dedicated team members, Nextiva creates an excellent work environment and strong leadership that allows employees to offer the best service you can ever imagine. 

Which one is Best for Your Business?

Wing Assistant and Nextiva both have a similar approach to task execution. They both believe every task aspect should be as simple as possible. However, you can’t mix them up due to their glaring differences. Hence, you need to understand the one you need to fit each aspect of your business or improve your individual life. 

As explained earlier, Wing Assistant is a virtual assistant service provider. This service best handles repetitive or time-consuming tasks such as data entry, customer services, annotation, etc. Wing Assistant lets you and your company executives focus more on core business functions and essential tasks. 

On the other hand, Nextiva is a small business phone service that offers you and your team a virtual workspace, mobile app, video conferencing, etc., to have smooth and streamlined business communication. These companies provide you with an excellent opportunity to be on par with the best in the world with their exclusive services that are available at competitive prices. 


Understanding the differences between Wing Assistant and Nextiva opens your eyes to the endless possibilities of these companies. The crucial role the business has taken in the last couple of years towards increasing business productivity is undeniable. 

Wing Assistant provides revolutionary and best-in-the-world virtual assistant services focusing more on seamless task execution. The same can be said for Nextiva. 

This immaculate voice over the internet protocol (VoIP) company promises to code you with a cloud-based communication system that manages all your business conversions, customer engagement, and team collaboration with one powerful software solution. Understanding these differences is vital to get the right idea of what each brand offers. 

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