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What Is Speech Analytics In Call Center

Personalized customer experience is a rewarding strategy for companies and organizations to refine their customer experience. With such a reality in place, every company and business entity have towed the technological pathway to infer data-driven insights from customer conversations. 

The promptness of speech analytics to sieve the essential points from the arrays of long-minute conversations between call centre agents and customers has made it a priority for most companies. 

In the past, companies often relied on guesswork and gut instincts to get a complete and accurate account of the goldmines in the customer conversation. Things have changed since the introduction of speech analytics in the 2000s, and it has proven to be a valuable asset that benefits brands in many ways. 

As an era-defining technology, speech analytics has improved how call centre agents extract actionable information from customer calls, understand customer frustration and tone of communication, uncover the unsaid details of their concerns and provide the basis for a practical customer service experience. 

What is Call Center Speech Analytics 

Call centre speech analytics to leverage cutting-edge technologies like machine learning and artificial intelligence to identify patterns and pinpoint customer emotions. It's expected that customers would come with a series of unstructured voice conversations. 

Speech analytics transforms these conversations into well-structured data companies can use to make profitable business decisions and enhance their customer service experience. 

However, we can break this process down by briefly outlining the key elements that make this process possible. Speech analytics harness the power of AI to identify arrays of customer behaviours through what they say and how they sound at a particular moment. This allows agents to identify customer frustration, confusion or happiness, yielding a faster call resolution process. 

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How Speech Analytics Works 

It won't make sense if we don't tell you the working mechanisms and what makes up the free flow of speech analytics in call centres. The remarkable power of speech analytics starts when a call centre agent picks up customer calls. 

The first process is call recording, conducted by combining call recorders or VoIP streams that structure and classify customer voices based on their metadata. The following process is speech recognition, championed by automatic speech recognition software and natural language processing algorithms. 

These algorithms extract the critical nuances from customer speech through acoustic signals and process them into written words or transcripts. The text analysis section picks up the processed transcript and examines the communications patterns through tonality-based sentiment analysis, Artificial intelligence, and machine learning. 

This is like an extraction stage where key variables such as emotions, essential keywords, and others are extracted from the customer's speech for accurate and objective customer service and efficient business decisions. 

Importance of Speech Analytics in Call Center


Wondering why speech analytics is an essential part of modern-day call centres? The reasons are plausible if we look at the ever-increasing need for error-free and effective customer service. 

Speech analytics is a magnifying lens that brings out the invisible insights that transform how businesses interact with customers. The following are the importance of speech analytics in call centres. 

1. Improve Customer Engagement 

Customer engagement is the backbone of more than just getting to hear what your customer says; it's more on the side of understanding how they feel when they communicate with you. 

Speech analytics, with the power of tonality-based sentiment analysis and Artificial intelligence, detect their emotions and feelings to provide call centres with a basis upon which they can create a more personalized experience and give accurate solutions that address customer pain points. This is the basis upon which call centres can improve customer engagement. 

2. Gives You the Competitive Edge 

Speech analytics is an emerging technology that provides call centres with an insight-driven approach towards adapting their processes to meet ever-changing customer needs. 

Speech analytics has been an invaluable and all-inclusive resource for call centres dedicated to identifying the reasons for customer frustration, market trends, and customer needs and analyzing customer feedback. 

Insights that companies derive from these can help provide a higher level of customer service that no one can rival. Therefore, it allows you to stay ahead of your competitors. 

3. Transform Your Entire Call Center Service 

The makeup of speech analytics is such a powerful and transformative step for call centres. When trying to get accurate information from customer conversations, speech analytics takes your call centre away from archaic guesswork and gut instinct. 

It's no news that every call centre looks forward to achieving operational efficiency. The transformative power of speech analysis is essential to actualizing such goals with its well-optimized staffing level, predictive analytics, and ability to identify peak times where call volume spikes. 

4. Streamlined Workflow 

Speech analytics gives a complete overview of your call centre agent's flops and successes. When you implement call centre speech analytics, you equip your call centre agents with a secret weapon of development. 

Remember that one of the core functionality of speech analytics is predictive analytics. This analytical feature helps analyze call metrics, language patterns, customer emotional status, etc. 

Data from such analysis can help your call centre agent identify critical issues and provide faster solutions. Therefore, it reduces your call centre response time and overall operating costs. 

5. Innovative Solution to Product and Services Delivery 

Speech analytics in a call centre is a treasure map that directs you to the golden spot of customer satisfaction. When you have the invisible power of understanding what your customers like and dislike, you are bound to highlight areas you need to focus on to yield product improvement. 

Using call centre Speech analytics to analyze customer feedback drives you to a more accurate product and service decision that ensures your company or business is always up to speed with whatever changes the customer wants. 

Best Practises for Implementing Speech Analytics in Call Center 


Speech analytics in a call centre is not a knee-jerk approach you can implement without due diligence. A series of stipulated best practices are required to unlock the invaluable power of speech analytics tools in your call centre. Let's get to it. 

1. Identify What You Intend To Achieve With Speech Analytics

Every business or company have an important goal and desired business outcomes that they want to achieve using speech analytics. Identifying this is vital to understanding where you were before implementing speech analytics and where you are after introducing it into your call centre.

2. Consider The Important Tool To Implement With Your System

Do not be a do-it-all type of implementation. Be very specialized and decisive on the speech analytics tool you need to transform your customer experience. Another thing is compatibility issues; you can't just go out there and choose every speech analytics tool you can use. 

Select a speech analysis tool integrated with necessary functionality like the customizable dashboard, speech recognition, tonality-based customer sentiment analysis, and other advanced analytical features. 

3. Maintain High Data Quality 

Remember that speech analytics leverage the power of Artificial intelligence, and its performance is based on the quality of data you feed to it. 

Therefore, you must ensure the sanctity and reliability of the call recording you allow into the speech analytics tools. This is essential to improve the accuracy of the insights and data you derive from the entire speech analysis procedure. 

4. Outline Every Metric You Intend To Track

You are not implementing speech analytics in your call centre for fun. It would be best to define the critical metrics you want to track based on the identified keywords and traits that give you full ideas of the specific customer sentiment. 

Examples of essential metrics you can track include handle time, first call resolution rate, sentiment analysis, agent performance or any other metric you want to measure. 

5. Utilize Every Insight To Improve Your Customer Service

When you implement speech analytics in a call centre, you should be ready for a wide range of insights. These data are not just for anything other than for you to utilize them in the best possible way. 

One popular way companies utilize speech analytics insights is to provide a personalized customer experience that yields faster resolution and customer success. 

On the other hand, you can also use insights from speech analytics in a call centre to train your call centre agents on identifying knowledge gaps, maximizing maximum potential, driving the company's standard of operation, and improving their communication and overall customer engagement. 

Introducing Speech Analytics to Your Call Center Through Helport 

Helport is a global technology company that provides BPO and Vendor Management solutions and is committed to revolutionizing contact centers through artificial intelligence tools. Speech Analytics is another of our proprietary AI software designed to learn from past experiences and provide real-time assistance to contact centers.

As a business owner or company decision-maker, speech analytics has come here to stay, and you must find every means to incorporate it into your contact centre. With Helport's innovative contact centre solution, you can satisfy this important contact centre requirement and enter the ultimate world of efficient and personalized customer service. 

Final Thought: What Is Speech Analytics In Call Center?

Speech analytics in call centres is not just an ordinary technology but a powerful resource that allows call centres to predict customers' future needs. Speech centre mercurial possibilities to crack open the central crux of customer conversation have nullified the effect of guesswork and gut instinct prevalent in call centre processes. 

As a business leader or company decision-maker, It does not matter what you intend to achieve with speech analytics in a call centre. Your primary focus should be embracing the power of customer speech being processed into data you can use for effective customer service. 

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