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What is customer success

This is another opportunity to understand how important customer experience is in business. Customer experience is not limited to customer service; it includes other things like customer success. 

Customer success focuses on the value of goods and services. In your business, customers must meet their expectations. They should be able to get the value for their money. 

Someone is wondering how this is possible; well, it is not as hard as you may think. Implementing this needs a proper or deep understanding of customer goals and needs, feedback can be very helpful in this regard. 

By understanding the customer, the business gets to know those choices and what they expect, then goes ahead to provide Just that. Remember, the goal of every business is to build strong relationships with customers. This can only be achieved by making their satisfaction a priority. 

Therefore, understanding the intricacies surrounding customer success is key to actualizing your core business goals.

What is Customer Success 

Customer Success involves maximizing the value of goods and services to better suit your customer needs. This is done by providing adequate support and enough resources throughout the customer journey. 

In customer success, strategies like orientation programs for customers about a particular product help them get started and follow up, as well as customer service are essential. 

Customer service should also be considered a priority since it focuses on solving customer problems and providing adequate answers to their inquiries regarding your products. Despite the essence of customer service, the importance of customer success can not be overestimated because perfect customer service does not guarantee maximum sales if there are flaws in your goods and services. 

Customers need to get the value of any product they get, no matter how little. They will not come again or make a referral if they are not satisfied with the service rendered. 

Therefore, customer success sets the pace for getting the most out of all the customer service solutions that you render and also leads to getting a much-improved return on investment as a result. 

Why Businesses Need Customer Success


We are in a very competitive market nowadays, and it's hard to get customers. Because of this, it is better to satisfy all existing customers to get new ones. 

Customers should have a positive experience such that they will come again, leave good reviews, and even do mouth-to-mouth referrals. 

Now, making customers satisfied and having a good experience is where customer success is needed. It is no news that emerging companies or new business owners are investing in customer success.

Customer success is focused on the value of goods and services. Every business, either sells goods or renders services, so when a customer gets the value of their purchase, their loyalty is automatically secured. 

Customer success is very important to your business success and it requires adequate attention from you and your entire company at large. This is because it focuses on enabling strong relationships with customers and understanding their exact wants. It also assists in achieving their goal through the goods or services provided. 

When customer success is prioritized, customer loyalty will increase, and the chunk rate is reduced. The reality of this is an Increment in growth and profitability in companies and industries.

Another reason customer success is needed is that it can make customers happy by intentionally helping them succeed and achieve their goals with your goods and services. The aim of Customer Success is not only customer satisfaction but also business growth and successful operation.

What is The Difference Between Customer Success and Customer Support

Generally, customer success and customer support both focus on serving customers; they are similar but differ in objectives. Customer success aligns closely with customer support to take customer satisfaction to the next level. Regardless of the similarities, there are still some differences between them. 

Customer support majorly functions as a problem solver for customers. When customers raise issues or questions through different platforms including phone, mail, social media, and chat, they are available to solve them without delaying them or making them wait for long. 

Customer success is majorly on enabling customer satisfaction and assisting them in accomplishing their goals, while customer support mainly attends to customers' issues or inquiries. 

In customer success, the aim is to build a strong relationship with customers, driving value and working to achieve customer-desired business. In contrast, customer support, on the other hand, receives and resolves, primarily addressing immediate problems and getting them solved.

Both customer success and customer support are essential in business only that customer success is proactive and it can be said that customer support is reactive. 

Customer success can only be defined based on the intended outcome expected from the use of goods and services. When strategizing or making plans for customer success, the approach includes the following:

● Understanding customers.

● Helping them meet their surpasses goals.

● Establishing relationships and facilitating the successful implementation of your goods and services.

For instance, in a company that only provides services, offering the customer exactly what they ordered, and making them trust that you are always right is what customer success is all about. 

Customer support, on the other hand, is all about assistance. For instance, in an industry that sells a variety of products, customers will need to make numerous inquiries like trying to find out if a product is available, when to reach out to the company, and when to purchase. 

Some of these questions might be of urgency, and the ability to respond on time and provide accurate information about all questions is what customer support cares about. 

Customer success does not have an endpoint; it is ongoing and keeps evolving; it has to be consistent and continuous, unlike customer support, which begins when a customer reaches out and ends up with a successful resolution to a request or issue. 

How To Measure Customer Success


Understanding and implementing customer success is not just all of it; it is essential to measure customer success. This is important because it assists businesses in understanding whether they are improving or not. 

Measuring customer success helps to know how well they are meeting the customer expectations. It is the measurement that will enable companies to know areas to improve in an area they are lagging. 

In essence, measuring customer success allows businesses to track the efficiency of their success strategies, and it leads to nothing other than customer satisfaction and business growth.

Now, this measurement is done easily with the help of metrics like NPS, CSAT, FCR, and many more. Below are some metrics used in calculating customer success and how it is calculated:

● Customer satisfaction score (CSAT): This measures how satisfied customers are with your product. When CSAT is high, customer loyalty automatically increases, which leads to customer satisfaction. 

The customer satisfaction score is calculated by first creating a survey asking customers how satisfied they are with your product and service. 

Customers can answer about 10-15 questions. The survey number is calculated, and the rated Customers will be divided by the total number of results. 

● First Contact Resolution (FCR): The higher the FCR, the higher the customer satisfaction as well. Resolution of a problem on first contact or first time of purchase of a Customer is an amazing experience and that alone keeps customers. 

To calculate, divide the number of cases resolved on the first day by the total number of issues handled. To get the percentage, divide by 100.

● Customer Retention Rate: This is the rate or percentage of customers that continue to purchase goods for a particular period. 

It is calculated by dividing the number of new customers by the old customers for a specific period. Then, divide the result by the number of Customers at the beginning of that period. It can be multiplied by 100 for the percentage.

Customer Success Role and Responsibilities

In every company or business organization, there is a team with specific roles and responsibilities, and the customer success team is no exception. Helport can provide each team member with a specific role to ensure customers can successfully achieve their goals with your product. With Helport, you can more effectively manage your team's assignment of responsibilities and monitor your customer success process, thereby improving customer satisfaction and your product's overall performance.

These roles include ongoing support, customer relationships, and identifying growth opportunities. Below are their basic roles and responsibilities. 

● Orientation for new customers: It is the responsibility of the customer success team to prepare an orientation program for new customers. There must be something prepared just to properly guide them through the initial set-up process down to the final purchasing stage. 

The program should contain quick training on how to use the offering effectively. A Lot of questions are going to be asked during the process, and they must be properly answered.

● Business relationship: There must be a strong relationship between the company and the customer. It is the customer success team that should as well handle that. 

Building and maintaining strong relationships with the customer will help to understand their choice and provide just that, leading to their satisfaction.

● Identifying cross-selling ideas: Cross-selling is an important aspect of business life. It helps boost sales and increase profit. 

The Customer Success team is responsible for identifying cross-selling opportunities to new and existing customers. When customers' choices and goals are well understood, it is easy to recommend relevant offerings that can further enhance their operations.


The Helport vendor management system plays a key role in the customer success team and is responsible for identifying cross-sell opportunities to new and existing customers. With a deep understanding of a customer's choices and goals, through the use of AI tools, we can easily recommend relevant products and services that can further enhance their operations.

Of utmost importance to the Customer Success team is providing ongoing support, maintaining strong relationships, and identifying opportunities. Additionally, Helport provides BPO call center services that can facilitate the important role that customer success plays in businesses and companies, making it a key driver in achieving a good return on investment.

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