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What is a cloud contact center

There is no better time to ditch the clunky headsets and other budget-draining hardware installations than now. It's a new dawn for businesses looking forward to exploring the context center of the future. 

A cloud-based contact center is a dynamic technology accessible through a simple web server, providing a unified platform that routes every interaction between businesses and customers. Imagine the flexibility of having your agent deliver exceptional customer service with just an internet connection. 

The cloud-based contact center is a transformative technology endowed with extraordinary features like self-service portals, AI-powered chatbots, real-time analytics,s, and others. 

Looking at cloud contact centers from this perspective, we can deduce the extraordinary capabilities of this technology to optimize your workflow, build customer loyalty, and reduce the cost of erecting hardware and infrastructure. 

On this note, exploring the magical power of cloud-based contact centers, exploring the leading solutions in 2024, and providing the expert knowledge needed to choose the right cloud contact center for your business is essential. 

What is a Cloud Contact Center 

We are all used to the traditional call center with physical infrastructures. Here comes another revolutionary approach to managing customer interaction. 

Cloud contact center is an ultra-flexible and scalable inbound and outbound telephone connectivity that operates entirely on an internet connection. There are so many bases upon which cloud contact centers have become a mainstay for every business enterprise. 

Powered by advanced cloud technologies, the cloud contact center offers a never-before-seen omnichannel possibility that ensures all your customer's interactions, either inbound or outbound calls,  web chats, social media messages, phone calls, and others, passed through one platform. 

Another thing is how easy it is for any member of your contact center team to work from anywhere, eradicating the use of bulky headsets and cubicles that we are used to. 

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Key Features of a Cloud-Based Contact Center 


Cloud contact center is head and shoulder above the other option. This is substantiated by the level of advancement and extraordinary features on display. Cloud-based contact centers have extensive capabilities that provide your business peace of mind, assuring you of wholesome confidence against any disaster. 

1. Stress-Free Maintenance and Update.

You and I know how awry and long it takes for system updates and maintenance with an on-premises contact center. This is not the case with cloud contact centers, where the service provider handles automatic updates and maintenance without you even knowing when or how it's done. This is essential to eliminate system downtime accustomed to the on-premise maintenance and updates. 

2. 24/7 Availability

Cloud contact centers offer the utmost reliability because of how the system is built with instance backup software and advanced data storage solutions. 

A cloud-based contact center is always available, regardless of the natural or artificial disaster. This level of reliability gives it an edge over any other component-based traditional contact center. 

3. Advanced Routing Algorithm 

This is an advancement on the queue-based routing we are all used to with the traditional contact center. Advanced routing algorithm ensures insightful distribution of calls to available agents based on factors like location, skills, availability, and call volume. 

Cloud-based contact center has an inbuilt advanced routing algorithm initiated via the round-robin method. 

4. Real-Time Data Analytics 

Real-time data analytics is an efficient way to get data to make decisions in the best interest of your customers. Cloud-based contact center provides a real-time visual representation of your entire calls, both inbound and outbound, allowing you to make on-fly adjustments and personalize your user experience. 

5. Seamless Integration with Other Solutions. 

As we stated, the cloud contact center runs entirely on the internet. This reality provides a high level of interoperability that ensures complete integration and compliance with all other systems, such as Microsoft, salesforce, CRM, and other platforms. 

6. Interactive Voice Response. 

Interactive voice response (IVR) ensures every customer can access information anytime they like with the automated telephone system that combines pre-recorded message or text-to-speech technology with a dual-tone multi-frequency interface. 

This feature works like a self-service self-service menu that can solve customer queries without a live agent. 

7. Automatic Call Recording and Monitoring

The cloud contact center is built to automatically record all calls and save them to the cloud server. There is also a live monitoring feature that ensures those at the high hierarchy, or supervisors listen to every call and take action if needed, irrespective of where you are located. 

How Does a Cloud Contact Center Works 

Cloud contact centers come to every business as a significant game-changing twist against on-premises traditional contact centers. This is apparent by the working process of cloud-based contact centers built on a contactless architectural framework, being mounted in a secured data center that your service provider manages. 

On the technological side, cloud-based contact centers leverage ce-over internet protocol (VoIP) that takes customer voices, converts them to a digital signal, and then sends them to the cloud server. 

This process generally bypasses any physical infrastructure or phone line. Cloud-based contact centers have cyclical workflow network centers like any other type. 

The process starts with the customer calling to seek inquiries or complaints; then, the cloud platform uses advanced routing algorithms to route the call to the available agents who settle the customer's request or need. 

Benefit of Cloud-Based  Contact Center 

Every business can testify to the contact center's customer retention and acquisition role. Cloud-based contact centers have taken this to the next level, laden with invaluable benefits that busted your business past the test of time. The following are the significant benefits of a cloud-based contact center. 

1. Low Running Cost 

Choosing a cloud-based contact center service is a very budget-friendly approach for your business because you are not paying for software devices like network carriers, IT teams, or office space. Hence, the edge cloud contact center has over the traditional ones that cost around $3,000 to $20,000 to set up. 

2. Better Suited for Remote Workers 

Remote work has become part of our work fabrics since the end of the pandemic. This new work model is the backbone upon which most businesses rely since it's much easier and more efficient to put together a team of contact center agents who can access the internet and work on cloud servers irrespective of their locations. 

This is important to acquire a more diverse workforce and experience that will add value to your customer experience.

3. Easy Deployment

Unlike the traditional contact center, you don't need thousands or millions of dollars to deploy a cloud contact center. All you need to deploy an effective and reliable cloud contact center is just an internet connection. 

The seamless deployment of a cloud-based contact center gives you an edge over your competitors, whose traditional ones require expensive software, equipment, and several months of installation, compared to you, who is using a cloud-based system that only takes four weeks to set up. 

4. Increase Scalability 

Every business has that rush hour when the call volume is over the top,  especially during holidays. This is a period where cloud contact centers often come to aid in handling the spike in the volume of calls. During this period, you can remove or add the number of users based on the call volume without incurring extra expenses. 

Top 5 Cloud Contact Center Solution For 2024


Unique Features




Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) contact center solution, Real time quality assurance, Omnichannel BPO contact center services, Human and AI integration. 

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San Diego, CA

Zendesk Talk

Omnichannel capabilities, 

solution for ticketing, messaging, help center, voice, and powerful AI features, strong integrations with other software products

$55 per agent/month 

San Francisco, CA

RingCentral Contact Center

Pre-packaged deployment option, Single channel for voice call and digital communication, 

Omnichannel reporting and analytics 

Ease of use, scalability, affordability

$12.99-$29.99 per user/momth. 

Belmont, CA 


Zero deployment fee, multi channel toolset, Seamless integration with all software, Unlimited call recording, IVR and agent availability. 

$9 per agent/month 

Bratislava, Slovakia 


Unlimited Inbound call, Standard analytics and a call monitoring, recording, call routing, IVR, soft phone availability for all devices, access to API developer support, salesforce integration, power dialed and others 

$30 per user/month 

Paris, France

Tips for Choosing the Right Contact Center for Your Business


The number of cloud-based contact centers around at this time is astounding, and if care is not taken, you'll end up with a square peg in the round holes. 

When selecting a cloud computing center, starting by evaluating each profile based on your business goals, budget, and technical requirements is essential. The following are some critical tips to get started. 

Start by outlining your business goals and budgets to decide on the cloud contact center (inbound or outbound). Merge your company's needs with the cloud contact center's specific features, like automatic call distribution, interactive voice response call monitoring and recording, software integration, etc. 

Seek a free trial to ensure you have the complete feel of their cloud contact solutions and to look at how functional their real-time analytics and supervisor dashboard work. 

You can also read reviews from previous users or go online to see the overall ratings of each cloud contact center before choosing the one you need. By following these tips, you are on the right path to choosing the suitable cloud contact center service tailored to your business needs and budget. 

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Whether you are a budding startup or an established multinational firm, cloud-based contact centers have become the gold standard for every customer experience. 

The benefits and exceptional functionalities like personalized communication, cost-effectiveness, secured data storage, ease of scalability, AI-powered insight, Advanced call distribution, and others have made cloud contact centers a go-to option ahead of the traditional cubicle and headset contact centers that once ruled the realm. 

As 2024 unfolds, there is an increased migration to cloud-based contact centers by businesses of all sizes. However, these migrations were done without adequate knowledge while choosing the right cloud contact center for their companies. 

Hence, there is a need to dive into the comprehensive tips for selecting the right one from the top 5 cloud-based contact center service providers in 2024.  

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