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The Top 7 Key Questions to Ask a BPO Company

Business process outsourcing (BPO) is a form of contractual agreement with a third-party firm to handle a particular business process on behalf of your company. The emergence of BPO brings great convenience to businesses as it streamlines business processes while increasing efficiency.

The benefit of using BPO is that your employees can focus on other business tasks while the BPO is working. In addition, your organization can benefit from a wide range of BPO talent and skilled professionals.

There are various business functions that BPO can handle for your business including data entry, customer support, and accounting. These functions are seamlessly done because BPO makes sure of technologies and software.

 Leveraging BPO is one of the best things a company can do for its development. Despite the obvious benefits that surround utilizing business process outsourcing for your noncore business functions, it is important you ask the correct questions before making such a decision.

This article delves into the 7 key questions to ask BPO companies for an effective and efficient BPO exercise. 

What is Business Process Outsourcing?

Business process outsourcing is literally when a company employs another company to handle some of its non-core business processes. This practice is common in most companies around the world.

Business Process Outsourcing cuts across all major industries team ranging from data analytics to customer service representative that handles incoming and outgoing customer calls. Business process outsourcing offers flexibility and growth opportunities, and this is part of the reason it should be adopted.

There are many benefits that BPO provides to your company such as cost reduction, specific expertise, and streamlined operation. These qualities help businesses improve efficiency, and most importantly allow companies to focus on core competencies. 

Why is it Essential to Outsource your Business


It is essential to outsource business processes for various reasons. BPO optimizes business processes and that is an important function in business. Leveraging BPO assists in minimizing costs and improves overall efficiency.

It also allows staff to focus on core business deals while experts in BPO handle other tasks. Business process outsourcing concentrates mainly on one customer-related service. Of course, Customer service is a priority in companies or businesses.

Customer service and customer experience will improve when you choose to use BPO. Automatically, businesses gain customer loyalty because they will be satisfied. Customers will drop pleasant feedback and even do mouth-to-mouth referrals.

Business process outsourcing companies optimize their service daily and use upgraded software and technology for their operations. These optimized processes bring your business up to speed with the latest developments in your industry and also serve as a competitive advantage. 

What Business Functioning Can You Outsource?

Companies outsource specialized services to improve their efficiency and overall business effectively. The functions that can be outsourced include IT service, digital marketing, market research, accounting, data entry, and many more. Below are the common and important business functions to outsource

Customer Support: Customer support is key in every business. It involves the assistance provided before and after the purchase of goods and services. It also involves answering questions, solving issues, and enlightening customers.

Identify when customers experience their best moments and build strong relationships. Outsourcing customer support can make life very easy for a business or company.

Customer service experts in BPO can provide 24/7 assistance and improve customer waiting time. All these lead to successful business operations which automatically increase your customer acquisition rate and retention metrics.

Financial Services: This part of business is highly important and delicate. The Future of business relies on it. If the financial services are not well managed or handled by experts, there are high chances of the business running down or going bankrupt.

Financial services involve money-related issues, including the in-and-out flow of money and all expenses and the rate of profit and loss.

BPO financial service experts will assist in services, including tax preparation, accounting, and bookkeeping. This practice ensures accurate financial records and helps businesses make informed financial decisions.

Digital Marketing: We are in the digital world now. Digital marketing involves advertising or promoting goods and services digitally through social media, websites, and emails.

 It is online marketing, making advertisements or awareness online for the visibility of people in every part of the world.

BPO digital marketing professionals will focus on this on behalf of a company, and the world will see your brand and what you have to offer.

Data Entry: This involves entering and updating data in a computer system. It is inputting information from paper documents into digital format. It requires full attention or concentration. A little error can damage a whole lot, and this is why it requires experts at the BPO.

These are just the key business functions that can be outsourced. Many other functions that can also be outsourced, including logistics management, content creation, IT service, and human resources.

How Do You Find the Best Company That Fits Your Needs

Finding the best outsourcing company that fits your needs is not a difficult task. There are just a few steps to take in doing that.

 1. Define your specific requests: This means you should outline your wants clearly. Followed by identifying what skill or service you need from the Outsourcing company before any negotiations.

2. Research different outsourcing providers: It is best to make findings of different outsourcing providers to be able to compare and then conclude on which to go for 

3. Check client reviews: clients reviews matter a lot to knowing the company's reputation. The review will give some information or enlightening about the company.

4. Consider the cost of outsourcing services: It is important to know the cost so that you don't exceed your budget.

5. Communicate openly: Ensure a well-defined communication medium is established during the process of negotiation to clarify if they meet expectations for a successful partnership.

7 Key Questions to Ask a Business Process Outsourcing Company


There are crucial questions that must be asked when trying to consider a business process outsourcing company. The purpose of this is to ensure their service aligns with your needs. Below are some of the questions:

1. What service do they offer and their specialized area?

Every BPO has its area of specialization for different services. As a company trying to partner with business process outsourcing, you must have a preconceived specific service you need them to render. Asking this question is essential to avoid misunderstanding later on.

2. Can they provide samples of successful projects?

This is another important question. A sample of projects they have done for other companies or Industries will let you know their competency.

3. How does their data security look?

Your customer data and information are highly confidential and must be taken proper care of. BPO companies should be able to explain how they intend to secure the customer's data or information.

4. What is their communication process?

Communication between customer and company is highly important, so they should explain what theirs looks like and how they intend to keep customers informed about their progress.

5. The rate of their scalability and flexibility?

This is another important question you should be asked. Flexibility is important to be able to adapt to the changing needs of the partnered company.

6. How trained and skilled are the BPO company staff?

Specialised and professional staff are needed to carry out the services so they should explain the competency of those staff.

7. How to measure performance and success?

During the partnership, there will obviously be reports and measurements often. They should explain how to handle that effectively.

Aside from the fact that the question and answer process is part of the procedure in BPO, It is important to go through that process to have a fully detailed service level agreement with the outsourcing company.

The questions will make you understand whether they are capable or not. After the questions, you should be able to conclude if you should proceed with such a company or try others. 

How Helport BPO Solution Can Streamline Your Business Process

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