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The Best Vendor Management Systems for 2024

Understanding the valuable consideration for choosing the best vendor management system is a ticket for risk mitigations and cost savings. The complexities that surround the modern-day business landscape, together with the tediousness of managing vertical integrations, have necessitated the need for a robust vendor management system. 

The terrain of vendor management has seen a whole lot of resurgence over the years, most especially in 2024. Vendor management systems have been a game-changing story for businesses who are looking to have a unified medium of getting in touch with their third-party vendors or workforce, contract set up, keeping track of vendor performance, and engendering and optimizing relationships. 

However, the plethora of vendor management systems options available is a good precedent that can turn into an overwhelming experience for business owners who are looking for the best vendor management system to choose for their businesses in 2024. This article serves as a guide that helps you navigate the process of choosing the best vendor management system for your business. 

What is a Vendor Management System?

Imagine the tediousness of juggling different balls together, with each representing an arm of the vertical integration that your company relies on. The vendor management system provides solutions to such situations through a digital hub that centralizes and manages everything vendor-related with a single chain of command. 

In essence, a vendor management system offers a streamlined process that helps business manage their entire center life cycle, starting from sourcing, onboarding, contract negotiation, performance tracking, and unified communication to the offboarding aspect. 

The complexity of vendor management emanates from various sources, such as the dynamic and strict compliance requirements that every vendor must adhere to, management of large and complex supply chains, variability in vendor performance that calls for ongoing monitoring, coordinating a high volume third party workforce, streamlined business practices that ensure cost optimization, etc. 

Vendor Management Benefits

There are no greater benefits than the peace of mind that a vendor management system brings to your organization. However, businesses stand to enjoy many other benefits from leveraging a vendor management system. Let's explore them as follows. 

1. Seamless Identification and Elimination of Performance Variation 

Your business is likely to come across performance variation from vendors in the sense that one vendor is performing below expectations. 

This is a persistent problem list, especially when you deal with a large external workforce. Vendor management system is your best shot at identifying such issues and proffering solutions to improve your business productions 

2. Ensure Full Compliance of Operational Requirements 

It's impossible for you as a business person to micro-manage all your vendors at the same time. Your inadequacy can create a loophole for your vendors to stray away from your requisite business requirements and compliance. 

A vendor management system cover these loopholes with high-level management tools that monitor the length at which your vendors adhere to the industry's best practices and compliances while executing your projects. 

3. Open Up the Possibilities of Process Automation 

Streamlined business operations have been a buzzword that has been going around for a while. Vendor management takes you closer to enjoying the benefit of these possibilities through the automation of any vendor-related tasks ranging from onboarding to managing and any others. 

4. Vendor Performance Monitoring and Analytics 

A vendor management system helps businesses to have a clear overview of their entire third-party workforce without breaking a sweat. This is possible through a dedicated dashboard that showcases vendor performance and compares each performance metric against the agreed KPI. 

5. Viable Means of Trust Building and Transparency 

The success of every vendor-business relationship relies upon the level of trust that exists between them. Trust building enhances productive collaborations that mostly spiral to innovative solutions, mutually beneficial partnerships, product development, long-term collaboration, and others. 

Key Players in Vendor Management Systems

Vendor Name

Year Founded

Unique Feature



Demo/Free Trial



Real-time intelligent human-machine collaboration, and comprehensive scenario analysis and management

San Diego, California, USA

Get in touch for a custom quote.

Get in touch for inquiries.

SAP Fieldglass


Integrated talent management for contingent workforce and services procurement

Chicago, Illinois, USA

Quotation-based; varies depending on modules and usage

No free trial



Extended workforce platform that is available for all business sizes.

Jacksonville, Florida, USA

Subscription-based pricing model; varies depending on modules and usage

No free trial



Cloud-based platform with open architecture for easy integration

San Mateo, CA, USA

Price ranging between $499 to $600 per year

Has free trial

Oracle Procurement Cloud


Part of Oracle Cloud ERP suite for comprehensive enterprise-wide procurement

Redwood City, CA, USA

Price range between $410 to $650 oer user,month

Has free trial 



Collaborative procurement platform with supplier collaboration tools

Clark, NJ, USA

Quote-based plan; varies depending on usage

No free trial

Workday Procurement


Integrated with Workday HCM for unified talent and procurement management

Pleasanton, CA, USA

$37 to $99 Per-user/month.

Has free trial 



All in one cloud based software solution that manage all vendor related activities.

Cary, North Carolina, USA

Quotation-based; varies depending on modules and usage

Has free trial 


Helport is a technology company that is on the pathway of revolutionising anything vendor-related through AI-powered insights and tools. Helport vendor management software solutions equip third-party workforce with technology support that ensures their fast pace adoption and understanding of business dynamics. 

With extensive, cutting-edge technologies like AI-driven remote management, access to a larger network of business opportunities, and increased business visibility, Helport vendor management software provides you with an immersive and seamless vendor management solution. 

SAP Fieldglass

SAP fieldglass is another key player in vendor management systems. The transformative cloud-based software helps businesses manage their external workforce and service providers. 

With exceptional user interface, efficient worker management system, cloud-based timesheet management protocol, centralized processes, and efficient reporting and analytics possibilities, SAP fieldglass offers an all-inclusive vendor management solution to your organizations. 


Beeline is a trusted platform and top vendor management service provider that is well revered for its remarkable antecedent in revolutionizing the future of the workforce. 

As a market leader, Beeline's intuitive intelligence-driven, cloud-based, and AI-powered vendor management system is a transformative software that offers you what no one else can offer. 

With a wide range of vendor management solutions for enterprises, mid-sized companies, and also shift-based workforces, Beeline provides unique values for businesses of all sizes seeking cost-saving, visibility, and agile workforce. 


Coupa is another all-in-one AI-driven cloud-based platform that helps companies simplify their expense management, automate processes, and improve cost visibility. Coupa integrated vendor management is one of the best in town. 

Their unique approach ensures businesses can have streamlined vendor onboarding processes together with a seamless unified payment gateway. The mix of the two possibilities ensures seamless requisition lifecycles and well-analyzed program costs. 

Oracle Procurement Cloud

Oracle Procurement Cloud is a robust, streamlined vendor collaboration platform that provides businesses with an intuitive self-service portal where they can oversee every vendor-related process from onboarding to payment and others. 

Oracle Procurement Cloud's vendor management solution monitors vendor performance through structured evaluations. The result of the evaluation forms the basis upon which vendor incentivization when they performed excellent or disengagement decisions take place to mitigate any potential business disruption. 


GEP smart is a comprehensive platform that leverages digital technology to steady the instability and complexity that is attributed to vendor management. 

As an industry pacesetter, GEP supplier and vendor management solution includes a comprehensive set of external workforce management tools that businesses can use to track vendor performance, actualize a unified chains of operation, uphold quality standards, and carry out all vendor-related activities on the go.

Workday Procurement

Workday aims to innovate vendor management processes with the introduction of real-time insights through a unified interface. Workday intuitive cloud-based vendor management system is an all-inclusive platform that encompasses everything related to third-party workforce, from vendor sourcing, and contract management to the end of the vendor management life cycle. 

Workday provides an integrated system that is easy to navigate from the user and admin side. Its proprietary RFP algorithm also gives users a side-by-side comparison that makes it easy to view multiple vendors at the same time. 


With over 25 years of experience, JAGGAER has upheld its transformative mandate across the entire vendor management ecosystem. They are incredible all-in-one software with AI integration provides organizations and businesses with an excellent way of achieving a streamlined vendor management lifecycle. 

The JAGGAER software interface is a value-laden platform with accessibility to complete vendor data and performance that is used to make timely and informed decisions. 

Additionally, JAGGAER smart vendor onboarding and management possibility is an intelligence-based approach that accurately automatically assesses and passes inferences on vendors with the use of predictive AI. 

Choosing the Right Vendor Management System

The fact is, there is no one size fits all when it comes to choosing the right vendor management system because every organization has its own pressing business need. 

However, following a guiding compass that allows you to have a clear line of sight when choosing the right vendor management system is a key component of boosting business efficiency and reinvigorating the external workforce. Let's look into this guiding compass as follows. 

  • Define your organization's needs. Look into your company size, budget, current processes, and the desired functionalities that your business requires. 

  • Gather your options and evaluate them based on their features, ease of use, security and compliance, integration capabilities, etc. 

  • Go to their website to look for demos or free trial options that you can use to test and experience the vendor management system firsthand. 

  • After the demo, you should make your own decision on the right vendor management system software that is best for your company. 


1. Can I Use CRM with a Vendor Management System?

Yes, customized CRM software will enhance your ability to manage vendor information, contract management, progress updates, and other vendor-related activities through a unified system. 

2. What are the Stages of Vendor Management Life Cycle  

The vendor management life cycle includes vendor identification, segmentation, collaboration, implementation, performance evaluation, and offboarding.  


Choosing the right vendor management system can be the deciding factor that makes or mars your vendor management life cycle. 

In this age of an evolving software ecosystem where numerous options are available in the market, understanding your business needs and how your chosen vendor management system software seamlessly integrates with your existing infrastructure are the key factors that should dominate your decision rule. 

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