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List of Top Contact Center Software 2024

As 2024 unfolds, contact centers continue taking the front page as the leading components businesses rely upon to connect with their customers for an efficient customer service experience. 

Despite all the exceptional components and popularity surrounding the contact center, integrating the right software can boost your customer service experience. 

Contact center software can be regarded as a cosmic compass that softens all the processes that go into navigating contact centers. This software has various examples, including AI-powered chatbots, Salesforce, Gladly, Cloudtalk, Dialpad, and many others. 

The sheer number of this software can make you wonder which one to use and how to tap from their functionalities. Fear not; this article will bring you up to speed with everything you need to know about the top contact center software in 2024.

What is Contact Center Software?

It's common to come across those who believe that a contact center is only about making or receiving phone calls to connect with customers. That's a total false equivalence which has been dispelled. 

Contact center software is a suite of applications comprising myriads of features designed to add more possibilities and support to contact center operations. You can also categorize contact center software as a dedicated tool that's made to automate or streamline the entire process of a contact center outside the purview of calls alone. 

With contact center software, there is an endless loop of features that you can access, which makes it similar to the brain box that orchestrates everything about the entire contact center process. 

The seamless operation that contact center software brings to this landscape has enabled it to be used in both inbound and outbound contact centers. 

That's not all; the Omnichannel and ease of deployment attributed to this software also aid in this level of acceptance by startups and established firms. 

Adopting a software-powered contact center creates a level playing ground for small and large businesses. It is because of the elimination of the restrictive brick-and-mortar mode of operation and the need for a large and well-established set of cubicles. And it can only be accessed or built by large businesses. 

Hence, small businesses can also tap from the capabilities and perks of contact center software. 

List of Top Contact Center Software 2024

Based on the output from our research and the context of each contact center software's potential and exploit so far, we have created a list of the top contact centre software that can transform your customer service experience.



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1. Helport Assistant 


Helport is a fantastic and revolutionary contact center established to serve as a game-changing platform for a transformative customer service operation. 

As the leading frontier in the contact center as a service marketplace, Helport is prized for its approach to leveraging artificial intelligence technology. It provides contact center agents with a superpower capability that enhances their performance at delivering optimal customer service experience. 

Helport AI assistant is a proprietary software integrated with your contact center operation. This software can be likened to a co-pilot because it provides contact center agents with real-time assistance to ensure a high quality of service and carry out operations according to your business needs.  

Top Features 

Intelligent Marketing System: Helport AI software leverages big data and other machine learning components to dissect overall customer interaction that accurately accounts for their needs. The insights from this can be wired to recommend suitable products to the customer. 

Remote Supervision and Auto Compliance: This feature ensures the vision of a streamlined business operation can be achievable. With Helport AI software, you can supervise your contact center agents remotely to ensure they work with optimum performance and get insightful feedback on performance for visible improvement. 

Intelligent Contact Center System: Helport AI software provides a world-class function that automates the integration of other contact centre solutions like salesforce, automatic call distribution systems, and others. 

Inexhaustible Pool of Knowledge Base: Helport AI software utilizes the power of machine learning, Neural Networks, big data, and other Artificial intelligence technologies as a knowledge base, management, and utilization.  

Price: You can Get in touch for a custom quote. 

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Final Thought: Without much ado, Helport AI software is a game-changing algorithm that provides your contact center operation with everything called seamlessly and with peace of mind. As a success catalyst, Helport AI software ingeniously uses customer interactions as a means to assist with their pain point while at the same time ensuring your customer service operations stay within the set standard and quality. 

2. Zendesk Support Suite


Zendesk is a service-first customer relationship management company that has developed an all-encompassing and easy-to-use customer service solution (Zendesk Support Suite) that brings out the hidden gem and utilizes your customer data to the fullest. 

The Zendesk Support suite is a unified workspace that handles all customer interactions on all channels (email support, inbound and outbound calls, chatbot, etc.) through one platform. This benefits your company because you have a perfect partner to handle your complex business needs, such as scalability. 

Top Features 

Ticketing Routing System 

Help Center 

Community Forum 

Telephony Channel 

Call Monitoring 

Reporting and Analytics 

Self Service Portal 

Live Chat Support 

Price: Starting from $55 per agent/month (Basic Plan). 

Free Trial: Zendesk offers a 14-day free trial. 

Final Thought: The Zendesk support suite is unlike any other contact center software because of its naturalistic conversation mode with your client. Also, the Zendesk support suite offers a robust ticket and user management workflow, an interactive help center with a community forum, classic live chat, messaging conversation, and others. 

3. RingCentral 


In the cloud contact center solution realm, RingCentral has forged its path as the leading provider of skill-based call routing and Omnichannel support in the cloud-based contact center software solution landscape. 

The exploit of RingCentral in the ingenious design of the app gallery that is preloaded with agent management functionality, real-time customer analytics, inbound and outbound call monitoring, and other features tailored to fit your business needs is undeniable. 

In addition to these, RingCentral contact center software promises an estimated 48% increase in your customer satisfaction rate through their dedicated virtual agent that automates your conversation and helps you achieve more with less effort. 

Top Features 

Omnichannel Routing consists of interactive voice response, autodialer, and automatic call distribution. 

Workforce Engagement Management that ensures your agents work at optimal capacity. 

Real-time analytics that guide your business decisions through in-depth customer information, reports, and insights 

CRM integration allows you to connect with any other software of your choice. 

Live Chat that enables you to build quality customer relationships on all channels 

AI chatbot and Virtual Agents that guide you through seamless and stress-free customer service processes. 

Price: RingCentral contact center software depends on your business needs. Start with the RingCentral basic plan for as low as $65 per agent/month. 

Free Trial: There is a 14-day free trial for new subscribers only. 

Final Thought: No doubt your business can achieve a lot with RingCentral contact center software, most importantly if you want to establish a simplified mode of communication between your customer and contact center. RingCentral enables this through proactive outreach, guided customer journey, full integration with sales force and others, dedicated virtual agent, unlimited domestic minutes, and others. 

4. Aircall 


Aircall is a renowned cloud contact center software for businesses looking to turn every corporate-level conversation into smart sales and successful customer experience. 

Aircall cloud contact center software is an easy-to-use voice solution developed to enable full integration with all CRM tools that enhance business productivity and smoothen corporate-level conversion. 

Top Features

AI-generated call summaries 

Swift identification and categorization of crucial discussion points. 

Call and Voicemail Transcription 

Seamless Integration with CRM 

Real-time call monitoring 


Price: starting from $30/license 

Free Trial: You can get 7- day free Trial 

Final Thought: Aircall contact center software has many different high-profile features and incredibly seamless integration with all CRM tools that aid in your goal of delivering a practical customer service experience. However, their services only go with some drawbacks related to the lack of attention to their SMS service integration. 

5. LiveAgent 


Liveagent is another distinguished contact center software solution that consists of all-encompassing digital tools to connect you with all your customers on every channel. 

LiveAgent boasts over 130 ticketing features plus seamless integration of your contact center with over 200 essential tools. LiveAgent contact center software provides a never-seen higher resolution rate through its value-laden self-support services that customers can visit anytime. 

Top Features

Live Chat 

Ticket Routing 

Unlimited Call Recording


Social Media Integration 

Knowledge Base 

Predefined Message Template 

Price: You can get started with $9 per month/agent billed annually or $15 monthly. 

Free Trial: enjoy a 30-day free trial 

Final Thought: LiveAgent is a cost-efficient option for small businesses that intend to connect with customers on all channels. In addition, live agents offer no setup fee and allow you to cancel your plan anytime. 

Are You Ready to Try Our Futuristic AI-powered Contact Center Software?

We know you'll love it because you are ready for it. That's why we developed it for your business needs. Helport Assistant is our proprietary contact center software that leverages the ultimate power of Artificial intelligence and machine learning. 

This software has been a beacon of hope for all businesses who intend to keep up with the rigour of this ever-changing customer demand that can become overwhelming if care is not taken. 

With Helport Contact Center Software that offers high-end functionalities like intelligent genuine time agent assistance, quality assurance, intelligent marketing system, and others, your contact center operation will get cut a transformative figure that will skyrocket your business success rate. 


Although several factors contribute to your business success, contact center software stands out with features ranging from ticket routing, Omnichannel, AI-powered automation, and others that ensure a meaningful customer experience. 

However, this list of top contact centre software in 2024 provides you with everything you need to know about the ideal software solution that will give you everything you need in line with your business needs. 

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