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Impact of customer experience on loyalty

It is right to say that without customers, there can be no business success of any kind, or let's simply put it businesses will literally stop functioning if there are no customers. 

Customers are the livewire of every business because they are the people who patronize your business or service; they purchase goods or services from business owners and make the business exist. 

Customer service is highly important in business because it actually helps to sustain the business or company. When planning or strategizing a business, a top-notch customer service strategy should be at the top, as it is highly crucial. 

When customers are satisfied with your service, especially a new business, trust me, that business is good to go and will keep progressing; in no time, it will become well known. 

Aside from boosting sales and making the business grow, good communication between agents and customers will lead to a collection of feedback, and this helps to know areas of improvement. 

In essence, adequate and effective customer service leads to an amazing customer experience, satisfaction, and loyalty. If a business or company is having problems in its operation, especially with sales or meeting targets, it is advisable to check out its customer service.

What is Customer Experience


Customer experience is what a customer feels about the service rendered by a business owner, company, or industry. It is basically what customers say about the overall service provided. 

Customer experience is a process that commences from how they find out about the business down to the point of contact to purchase goods or services. The way your customer service representative handles these processes will form the elements of a good or bad customer experience. 

Customers get a positive experience when they feel honored, appreciated, and satisfied throughout the business interaction. Customer experience plays a highly important role in businesses, companies, or industries' success. There is no doubt that a great customer experience will make a positive impact because customers will keep increasing through referrals and feedback. 

When businesses focus on ensuring their customers get the best experience, they will edge any competitors. Also, revenue will increase, customer loyalty will be enhanced, and other benefits. 

To make sure customers get the best experience, it is ideal to have skilled, experienced, and humble staff. The communication channel must be effective and highly efficient, and product or service equipment must be of high quality. With these few features, customers will be satisfied and get the best experience.

What is Customer Service


Customer service is similar to customer experience, but it focuses on how companies or industries communicate with customers. 

What is customer service? Customer service is all assistance rendered to customers during the period of patronizing or making an inquiry to patronize. It is an effective customer service that leads to a positive customer experience. 

Every necessary assistance must be rendered effectively, accurately, and without waiting for a long time during and after the purchase period. Quality customer service is one of the important ways of running an exceptional business; it is important to prioritize the strategy of implementing top-notch customer service.

Some technologies like artificial intelligence, CRM, and some other self-service software can help provide top-notch services to customers. These technologies are highly proactive ones that provide quick response and 24/7 operations. 

When customers do not need to bother about the hours or period of the day to make inquiries, they stick to the company. The resultant effect of this is that your business automatically gains their loyalty. 

To actualize business growth and success in your overall operation is possible with amazing and consistent customer service. Quality customer service will not only improve sales, but also build a strong brand image, serve as market differentiation, and foster overall success.

Example of Customer Experience and Customer Service


An example of a customer experience is a situation where a customer visits a fashion house. Upon arrival, the customer was warmly welcomed, and the staff was humble and intelligent, trying to offer customized support. 

During the visitation process, the customer was guided on a tour of the showroom, showcasing various outfits of different designs. While exploring the showroom, staff or sales representatives kept the customer company, engaging in interesting and pleasant conversation and making sure the customer was comfortable and free. 

The customer is allowed to test run outfits, and in this process, the staff maintains professionalism, humility, and courtesy, making the customer feel respected, honored, and appreciated. 

Customers selected an outfit of choice with affordable and negotiable pricing, staff ensured a smooth payment method, and received follow-up communication to offer any further assistance. 

Customer service mainly provides assistance and necessary support to customers. An illustration could be when a customer reached out to a bag-making company to inquire about the latest bag design. 

The representative must be available to answer with immediate effect and give all necessary details about the bag, including price and why they should get the bag at a particular time. During the call process, the representative should use a friendly and humble tone.

This is a perfect illustration of a positive customer experience and customer service that can give a lasting impression and customer satisfaction. Companies or industries should make sure customers have an experience like this, and there is no doubt of successful overall operation.

What are The Difference Between Customer Service and Customer Experience

Customer service refers to a particular communication between a customer and a company where the customer seeks support. It specifically solves problems, gives all information accurately, and provides solutions to individual issues. In essence, customer service basically meets customers' immediate needs. 

On the other hand, customer experience is the overall customer journey with an industry or company, from awareness to purchase. The objective here is to create a positive and long-lasting impression for customers to build nothing but a long-term relationship.

Customer service primarily deals with customer issues, attending to complaints, and providing support on a daily basis. All of this must be done with ease and comfort, making every aspect of it comfortable for the customers. 

Customer experience is beyond interaction but spirals to the overall perception of the business or company. It focuses on the quality of the good or service and the connection between customers and the company.

Customer service is a crucial aspect of any business because it is part of what boosts sales and results in overall success. Without proper customer service, businesses will have problems, and there might be no progress or improvement in their operations. 

Characteristics of quality customer service include professionalism, effective communication, and problem-solving skills. When representatives possess these characteristics, then the customer service is in good shape, and obviously, the business will run well and progress positively. 

However, customer experiences and service make a good impact in different ways. Of course, customers will come again after having the best experience in an industry or company. 

The characteristics of a good customer experience include smooth and consistent communication and a humble and soft approach. When these characteristics are taken into consideration, customers will come again and make referrals.

Customer Service vs Customer Experience: Which One is the Most Important for Business Growth?

When talking about business growth, it is important to understand that both customer experience and customer service play a highly important role, but they have different objectives. 

There is no doubt that these two business growth propellers are needed to run an effective and efficient operation. While customer service focuses on problem-solving and attending to customers' problems with immediate effect, customer experience focuses on customer-company relationships. 

Customer service is needed to solve issues at the appropriate time with a hundred percent accuracy. Your customer representatives must provide error-free solutions and information, ensuring that customers are satisfied. 

So, for the growth of a business, both of them must work hand in hand to ensure there will be no flaws. However, in a situation where one is optimal while the other is functioning half, your business process might wane and cause a loss of revenue. 

There are various technologies and software that can make the process of customer service and customer experience very easy, Helport AI contact center is a leading example. Helport AI contact center makes it possible for you to enjoy a streamlined process whereby agents focus on complex tasks. 

The staff has to put in a lot of effort to make sure the company can actualize a positive customer experience and service. This is because your customer service representatives are the ones attending to the customer, and any impressions they give will really go a long way. 

In essence, to make a business grow rapidly and positively, the first thing to consider is positive and exceptional customer service and customer experience. This is why you should key into Helport AI tools for contact centers that can aid and empower your customer service agents. This tool is helpful at providing effective customer service operations that foster great customer experience. 


Some people will say that customers are always right; yes, they should always be right. This is why you should not give them any reason to have a bad impression about your company or business. Remember, without customers, there is obviously no business; customers should be well attended to and treated with respect and love. 

While providing top-notch customer service, we also provide exceptional customer experience. Customer service representatives should ensure all customer problems and questions should be addressed without delay. 

With consistent omnichannel experience, emotional connection, feedback mechanisms, and the use of technology, exceptional customer experience can be achieved.

Therefore, you should always work and restrategize on your customer experience and customer service today or you utilize any Helport services.

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