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How to use AI to improve BPO efficiency

Artificial intelligence has been regarded as the catalyst for unprecedented growth in the BPO industry. It’s well known that the premise of business process outsourcing has always been to deliver operational efficiency and cost savings. However, artificial intelligence has been poised to actualize this premise. 

Over the past few years, we have seen the game-changing impact of AI in a series of outsourced tasks. The use of AI in BPO has allowed companies to dump repetitive tasks and focus on core business operations. That is not all; AI in BPO also enhances business efficiency and quality of service delivery. This article delves into the transformative strides of artificial intelligence in business process outsourcing (BPO). 

What is AI in BPO

Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) is a form of business-to-business partnership that occurs when companies entrust specific business functions to external service providers. 

These service providers are contracted to handle tasks like Customer support, data entry, and accounting by following the service level agreement they had with the company. 

Business process outsourcing (BPO) increases efficiency, scalability, and access to specialized skills. The wide range of available expertise has popularized BPO in almost every industry. Interestingly, the last couple of years have turned out to be a revolutionary one in the BPO industry. This is because of the emergence of AI which has opened up an unimaginable amount of possibilities. 

Artificial intelligence is not an optional feature but a significant one that would level up your BPO game. Every facet of BPO operations has been reinvigorated by the power of artificial intelligence.

AI in BPO has changed company operations and provided countless benefits. The use of AI in Business Process Outsourcing has helped automate many business processes. It has also optimized administrative and support functions in BPO, phasing out repetitive jobs like data entry and document processing. This reduces the human error rate and improves operational efficiency.

Adopting AI is essential for every business enterprise or industry where customer service and satisfaction are a priority. It has been proven that efficient customer service is the driver of business success. Harnessing the power of Artificial Intelligence provides instant and accurate responses to customer requests and inquiries. 

AI in BPO transcends every aspect of business process outsourcing operations. It would be erroneous to restrict the impact of BPO into one domain of operation. However, we must adopt a well-rounded approach where we integrate AI to achieve a productive BPO exercise. 

Application of AI in BPO

There are numerous applications of AI in BPO. Leveraging AI in BPO industries enhances customer satisfaction, and improves efficiency. That is not all, it also mechanizes repetitive tasks and improves data analysis for top-notch decision-making. AI is a game changer for BPO and is worthy of applying every component of AI in BPO. Below are the critical applications of AI in BPO:

● Natural Language Processing

NLP helps to understand, comprehend, and interpret every human language. This component has been applied in contact center BPO with chatbots and virtual assistants. These AI-powered tools analyze and decode customer messages, track orders, and perform minimal tasks like resetting passwords. 

Also, BPO contact centers use NLP to implement personalized customer service. This is important to derive customer perception and understand customer's feelings and emotions. In essence, NLP is a strategic mechanism that every BPO company has to embrace for better decision-making. 

● Predictive Analytics

Predictive analytics helps to promptly predict issues, address them, and offer tailored advice. BPO companies use predictive analytics to examine large volumes of data, trends, and patterns. 

Predictive analytics can also anticipate customer inquiries and offer personalized assistance. It can also be used for fraud detection, risk evaluation, and optimizing inventory control in BPOs. 

Predictive Analytics is an essential application that every company values. This is because it's all about using data to make knowledgeable predictions and drive better business success. 

● Intelligence Automation 

Robotic technology has simplified business process optimization. This technology has unleashed full-scale automation for tasks like data entry, transaction processes, rule-based tasks, and many more. This has brought about a major workflow optimization. 

With an optimized workflow, businesses avoid errors in their overall operations. They also free human agents to focus on other essential or core business activities. 

● Speech Recognition

Speech recognition enables Speech-to-Text conversation and voiceprint. BPO companies use this for call analytics, voice authentication, and quality control. In most cases where understanding customer concern is proving so difficult, you can leverage this tool to dissect the call and pick the main point.

Interestingly, it is even possible to identify individuals based on their unique voice characteristics. Integrating speech recognition tools is a great way to provide personalized services and enable customer loyalty.

● Subjectivity Analysis

Subjectivity analysis is used to analyze customer feedback, social media posts, and reviews online. In some instances, this has also been used to understand how customers feel about a product or service. 

BPO companies have utilized this to gain a meaningful understanding of customers' preferences for tailored recommendations. Technically, nothing improves a company's progress other than this; companies that adopt this function will grow rapidly.

What Are the Advantages of AI in BPO


AI brings numerous significant advantages to BPO by enhancing operational effectiveness and efficiency. Below are the primary advantages

● Upgraded Quality Management

In quality assurance, techniques like customer surveys, quality scorecards, and call evaluations are used to gauge product quality. In recent years, Artificial intelligence has revolutionized these processes. 

Artificial intelligence assesses customer engagement, provides accurate monitoring, and gives feedback. This enables the identification of areas for improvement, ensuring conformity with quality standards. 

● First-Rate Customer's Experience

Your ideal customer needs the best treatment and experience for you to gain loyalty. Remember, without customers, there will be no sales and, most times leads to loss of revenue.

Artificial intelligence can serve as a virtual support that provides 24/7 assistance that instantly responds to customers' issues. This timely resolution of customer issues often leads to overall customer satisfaction. 

Additionally, AI can handle a wide range of inquiries and provide accurate and error-free information. This is also important to positively impact customers and thereby gain their loyalty.

● Risk Reduction

Over the years, we have seen an increasing number of frauds being perpetuated in every sector. This has proven to be a painstaking one for every business owner trying hard to prevent fraud in their industry. 

It's interesting to know that you do not even need to worry about fraud once you outsource to BPO. This is possible since AI is calibrated to detect them instantly. You might be wondering how that will be possible; AI algorithms are specifically trained to recognize patterns by analyzing data. 

● Growth Potential and Versatility

Every business plan is to scale to a greater height. It is imperative to know that AI can help you to achieve this business goal. AI is so flexible and allows service levels to be well maintained at every period. This enables BPO companies to adapt to changing business needs and ideals.

● Cost Reduction

Every business goal is inclusive of reducing costs while at the same time maintaining quality service and operations. 

AI also impacts this by enabling BPO companies to implement a streamlined workforce to accomplish cost savings without negotiating quality. This is possible by simply automating repetitive tasks to reduce the cost of production.

How is AI Transforming BPO Industries


Artificial Intelligence is transforming BPO industries in various ways. This is obvious when you talk about quality assurance, language modeling, decoding, technical support, customer feedback, data analytics, opinion mining, etc. 

If you notice BPO Industries lagging in any aspect, please ask them if they have already adopted artificial intelligence. There are various instances of AI in BPO which has proven to be revolutionary. 

One of such is AI-powered chatbots. This chatbot acts like virtual assistants that interact with customers through text or voice-based conversation. AI also presents self-service options that can provide accurate information and even answer frequently asked questions by customers. 

With these in place, customers' inquiries are attended to immediately and they are also guided through every problem-solving process. Hence, achieving 100% customer satisfaction and impressive business growth. 

AI tools can also be used to guide how to troubleshoot common technical issues, provide instructions, and offer solutions to common problems. With AI in BPO, every repetitive task like data entry and invoice processing is executed in record time. 

Artificial intelligence also includes some algorithms that gather and analyze customers' feedback. This has enabled BPO Industries to understand customers' preferences. 

In summary, AI has opened up lots of new opportunities for businesses to optimize their operation and allow them to deliver exceptional customer service. 

Addressing Your Customer Service BPO Needs with Helport AI Software

Helport contact center business process outsourcing solution harmonizes human and artificial intelligence. We leverage these essential variables to deliver intelligent real-time quality assurance where all our contact center agents are monitored 24/7. 

Also, we embrace value and a growth mindset in our operation. With this mindset, we ensure your business has a competitive edge to usurp any impending competition and changes. Ready to enjoy a transformative AI-powered BPO solution? 

Final Thought: AI in BPO: Transforming Business Process Outsourcing 

Artificial intelligence has revolutionized the business processing outsourcing industries. It has brought about risk mitigation and transformed customer service. Of course, every industry wants to minimize or prevent potential risks in their Business business. 

AI plays an essential role in identifying any fraudulent activity and suspicious patterns. Immediately any of these are detected, they alert the security team to take necessary measures. Lastly, AI also improves customer service agents' decision-making and problem-solving skills. 

Aside from BPO, other industries like health care, financial Industries, and call centers also adopt AI. Undoubtedly, AI will continue to play a crucial role in BPO and many other industries to deliver top-notch service as we move forward.

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