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How to Improve Call Center Customer Service

As the satisfaction of customers can be the pivotal factor determining a company's success or failure, prioritizing and ensuring their contentment should stand among your foremost objectives. 

This is especially true for call centers and customer service departments. How does your center compare to others in terms of the overall satisfaction of its customers?


Every call that is made to your contact center provides you with an opportunity to meet and exceed the expectations of your customers, which is important because providing outstanding customer service may contribute to overall brand success as well as consumer happiness.

The customer service department is at the center of the customer experience because of the shifting dynamics of customers' expectations, which are being driven by the rising demand for digital shopping experiences and by shifts in society and culture.

Consumers form opinions about businesses based on how well those businesses answer their questions. If customers stop trusting your company, it might be devastating to your expansion goals.

The capacity to fix customer service concerns on first contact is the driver of consumer loyalty, as shown by the results of a Talkdesk ResearchTM study titled The future of customer loyalty. In the past year, 49% of customers have abandoned a company due to unsatisfactory service.

Customers are much less likely to stick with a firm if they have to contact them multiple times, wait a long time for a response, or feel like they aren't being heard.

The good news is that you may increase customer service in the call center and deliver the expected quality of service to your clients with some careful planning through the use of this helpful article. Here are ways that your call center can improve the overall experience of its customers:

1. Get to know your target demographic

When customers call your contact center, not all of them will have the same experiences, problems, or queries. Even though you could be aware of certain aspects of the people who are calling in, such as their demographics and expectations, the agents who answer the phones might not know very much more about the callers.

It is helpful for agents to know as much as they possibly can about clients in order to provide a more satisfying experience for those customers. 72% of customers said they expect operators to know who they are, including specifics about previous interactions with the call center, according to research conducted by Microsoft. 

You can satisfy the needs of your clients by taking the necessary efforts to learn more about them.

2. Ensure that your salespeople receive adequate training

Agents working in contact centers are not exempt from the requirement that every worker receive adequate and in-depth training for the duties that are expected of them in their employment. 

It is possible to better prepare agents for the role they play in providing outstanding customer service to callers by providing them with the right training. Customers will have a more positive experience as a result of the performance of the agents in their interactions with the company.

Agents who have received adequate training feel more at ease and confident in their roles, which frequently translates into their being happier in their work as well as more productive. 

Agents can be encouraged to remain in their assignments by receiving quality training that encompasses not only their first onboarding but also ongoing education. Because of this, the environment is able to become more productive, which in turn leads to improved experiences for the customers.

3. Have a complete understanding of each stage of the customer journey

In an ideal scenario, a consumer would call a contact center, be transferred to the appropriate employee, and have their inquiry resolved as soon as they hung up the phone. However, this is not something that occurs every time. 

Some consumers go through a significantly more drawn-out process than others, and the reason for this could be the complexity of their problem or difficulties with routing through the contact center. In any scenario, managers at contact centers want to be aware of the client journeys that are currently being taken.

Agents should connect with consumers in a manner that is suitable for the position that they play in the journey that the customer is on in order to guarantee a more satisfying and pleasant experience for the customer.


For instance, the experiences of new consumers and those of established customers will be different. A consumer who has phoned the contact center on multiple occasions in the past will have assisted the contact center in gathering precise information regarding a certain issue. 

Because of this, the representative will be able to deliver a message that is more tailored to the individual, which will result in an improved experience for the consumer.

4. Reduce the amount of time spent on hold

When a consumer calls into a contact center, one of the most unpleasant aspects of the experience for them is having to wait on hold for an extended period of time. Customers should ideally be able to speak with a live representative as quickly as they can.

Recent studies have shown that approximately sixty percent of clients who believe they have been placed on hold for an excessive amount of time will finally hang up the phone. This is not the desired outcome that customers or contact centers anticipate or expect to occur.

Contact centers should take advantage of omnichannel capabilities in order to streamline their call procedures in order to address this issue. This provides customers with a number of different alternatives for the manner in which they wish to connect with a call center, while simultaneously ensuring that agents make efficient use of their time.

5. Solicit comments and suggestions from patrons

Before you can begin to address any process issues that may be plaguing your contact center, you must first confirm that these issues even exist. Finding out where the breakdowns in communication between the customer and the agent are occurring is the first step in fixing them.It's possible that simply asking people for their input is the best approach to go.

Customers will feel as though their concerns are being taken seriously and handled if they are asked for information in order to help identify problems that need to be fixed. This has the potential to significantly improve the experiences of our customers.

6. Participate in live conversation

Customers in the present day like having options when it comes to the manner in which they can engage with a contact center. Because of this, having an omnichannel communications platform has turned into a requirement for any contact center that wants to remain competitive.

Customers appreciate, in particular, the prompt and easy access to help that they may acquire through the use of a live chat feature. consumers, especially younger consumers, find it very appealing when they are able to obtain an instant response from their computer or mobile device. This is especially true of clients in the younger generations.

When a consumer uses a live chat communication channel and is unable to acquire the answers they are seeking for, they have the option of being transferred to a suitable live agent who will take over the conversation.

7. Make the experience easier for the customer

When it comes to the amount of time and effort required to get through to a contact center and have their queries answered or problems fixed, customers have a short amount of patience. 

Contact centers need to take measures to streamline the entire communication process in order to keep customers from looking elsewhere for more convenient and effective alternatives.

Utilizing technology such as automatic call back, fast customer assistance, and first call resolution are some examples of ways that the overall customer experience can be improved. These are just some of the ways that contact centers can reduce the amount of work put in by customers and simultaneously increase levels of customer satisfaction.

8. Shift your mindset from one of a call center to a contact center

Taking care of customers should involve more than just taking their calls. Giving your consumers multiple ways to contact you will boost their overall happiness with your company and will have a positive effect on your agents' productivity and enthusiasm.

9. Giving clients the option to self-serve

If we're talking about alternatives, you should give your clients access to human-like self-service options. In addition to improving CX by accelerating case resolution and granting clients greater agency and convenience, self-service increases contact center efficiency by lowering agent workloads and manpower.

You may provide your clients with 24/7 availability, rapid response times, and a high-quality, convenient automated self-service experience by using technologies driven by artificial intelligence (AI).

Absolutely, integrating self-service options using advanced technologies like AI not only enhances customer experience (CX) but also naturally aligns with the operational dynamics of Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) companies.

10. Learn to appreciate the one-of-a-kind nature of phone calls

Now is a good time to stress the significance of giving clients the option to speak with an agent should they have any questions or concerns not resolved by the self-service options provided.

Customers can get answers quickly and accurately through self-service channels, but only a human being can inspire empathy in others. There will always be a need for human assistance with some service requests, as some customers may either be unable or unwilling to resolve their concerns via self-service options.

Agents need to be taught to recognize and respond to more nuanced questions from customers. To aid them in these interactions, knowledge bases and agent assistants are potent resources.

11. Hear out your clientele

Listen carefully to what callers have to say to find ways to enhance service. Pay close attention. To that end, please take into account:  

  • Create a unified interface for your contact center agents by integrating the most important systems with the software you use.
    Find pivotal points in conversations, as well as subjects, consumer intents, and feelings, with the help of AI-powered voice and text analytics tools.
    You can take preventative action by setting up alerts to be triggered under certain current conditions.

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If companies of the future can maintain their relevance in their consumers' lives, they will be able to weather the inevitable technological upheaval. Current leaders in customer satisfaction, such as Amazon and Apple, are able to easily translate their stellar reputations into higher price tags for their products. 

By focusing on your customers' needs first, you can save money on marketing and have them do the work of spreading the word about your company online.

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