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Empowering the Future of Customer Service: A Dialogue with Helport’s CEO Li Guanghai on Money FM 89.3, Singapore’s First and Only Business and Personal Finance Station

One-sentence abstract: Read on to learn Helport CEO Li Guanghai’s insight on how Helport AI is revolutionizing customer service, focusing on human talent enhancement and leveraging unique technology for market-validated SaaS products. 


As Artificial Intelligence (AI) continues to transform various industries, Singapore-based Helport is at the forefront of leveraging AI to revolutionize customer service. With a focus on empowering human talent and enhancing customer experiences, Helport's innovative solutions aim to improve service quality, reduce costs, and drive operational efficiencies for our clients.

How Helport AI is Empowering Human Talent?

Helport takes a unique approach to AI implementation in customer service. Instead of replacing human agents, our AI solutions are designed to empower and enhance the productivity and efficiency of customer representatives. The AI assistant aims to reduce workload and boost sales for agents, allowing them to focus on more complex tasks and provide better service quality.

Helport's Unique Product Development Approach: Blending Operational Expertise with Advanced AI and Big Data

Helport's technology is rooted in over a decade of direct contact center operational experience and continuous self-improvement in AI and big data applications. This has resulted in a unique blend of over 100 business scenario knowledge bases, algorithm models, and training tools that combine business expertise and scenario know-how with advanced operations research and AI for powerful application outcomes.

After three years of refining and iterating our products in real customer application scenarios, Helport has developed a standardized SaaS offering. Our R&D efforts are driven by customer and market feedback, as well as advancements in AI, communication technology, big data, and operations research technology. Helport closely monitors technological developments in these areas, invests in related R&D, and integrates these advancements into our products.

Proven Products and Business Models: The Key to Market Validation

Despite being a relatively young company, Helport has already achieved continuous profitability and market validation. Our SaaS-based AI assistant can be rapidly deployed across contact centers, typically going live within 2-8 weeks and showing immediate performance improvements within 2-3 months. Currently, nearly 20,000 contact center representatives are using Helport's AI software, with rapidly growing user numbers.

Recently, we have made significant strides in enhancing our AI software capabilities, particularly in AI speech, large language model (LLM) applications and real-time monitoring. These advancements have improved service efficiency and reduced the time and resources required for agent training and product deployment.

Helport 2024 Vision: Accelerated US Expansion

North North America is the largest market for customer services, and it is our target market. We have already opened our office in San Diego, California, and will accelerate our business expansion in North America through direct market development, strategic cooperation, and mergers and acquisitions - all of which are actively progressing currently. In 2024, we will accelerate our development in the global market, with rapid growth anticipated in mainland China as well as fast development in both North America and Southeast Asia. As an AI technology company, we will also continue investing heavily in technology research and development this year to optimize product features and enhance competitiveness. Our core R&D directions include LLM applications, knowledge base construction, AI speech technology, advanced operations research algorithms, multi-channel communication, and more.

With our unique approach, market-validated solutions, and ambitious plans for expansion and innovation, Helport is well-positioned to revolutionize the customer service industry by leveraging the power of AI to enhance human talent and deliver exceptional customer experiences.

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