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Best call center service in USA

We live in a world and time where call centers do more than just relate with customers. These call centers are the bridges that connect you and your business to your customers. 

Call center agents help you keep customers 100% satisfied or hear from your customers by answering calls, emails, text messages, social media, web chat, or any other medium in which your customers contact you. 

Hence, you cannot successfully run your business without call center agents. As a business, cutting costs in the best possible way is one thing we hope for. So, hiring in-house can be expensive.

The best way to incorporate call center agents into your business is to partner with a reputable call center service. The call center market, especially in the USA, is highly saturated. All call centers are not on the same scale. Some of these services offer more services than others. Some are better. 

Since the agency will be holding the forte with your clients, you need the best company with the best agents. Below, we reviewed the top 8 call center services in the whole of the USA.  If you have needs, you can follow our footsteps to explore the top 8 AI companies in the USA and make better choices for your services.

List of the Best 8 Call Center Services in the USA


Founding Year


Number of Employees

Groundbreaking Innovation

Signius Communications


Park Ridge, Illinois


Generative AI Software Development Services 



Salt Lake City, Utah


Virtual space, live receptionist, meeting space



Belmont, California


RingCentral MVP, Intelligient phone solutions, RingCX,



Orlando, Florida


Customer help desk

MAP Communications


Chesapeake, Virginia


Call center, BPO services

Specialty Answering Service (SAS)


King of Prussia, Pennsylvania


Phone answering service



Sacramento, California


Call center service, lead generation, advanced scripting tool



Willow Grove, Pennsylvania


Telephone answering

Signius Communications 


Signius Communications has been in the game for almost 3 decades. In this period, it focused on serving smaller businesses. It helps these businesses and companies in diverse industries oversee daily operations and emergency services. Its clientele is spread across industries such as health, law, schools, construction, property management, etc.

Businesses love Signius Communications because it offers premium services at relatively low plans. All its plans give users a local phone number. If your business has an existing number, you can simply forward calls from that number. 

Its premium services include customer service, virtual receptionist, hotlines, help desk, dispatch services, etc. If you have customers who are pure Spanish speakers, then Signius Communications is your best bet, as it has call agents who can communicate effectively in Spanish.

Signius Communications continuously works on keeping its staff up to date about the latest technology. The company does this with subsequent development and training. Also, the company makes sure it does not replicate call scripts. Call scripts are personalized and written to suit what you need.



Davinci is a call center and phone answering service provider. It answers all your work calls during weekdays, Monday to Friday, from 8 am to 8 pm Eastern Time. Outside this time frame and on weekends, there is an auto-attendant that answers the calls and forwards the calls to your employees. Alternatively, you can simply direct the callers to your voicemail box. You enjoy all these with Daninci at no extra fee. 

Davinci’s clientele is spread across industries such as health care, finance, tech, advertising, and real estate. In addition, Davinci users enjoy online business addresses and coworking/meeting spaces. The company performs administrative tasks. 

Davinci provides lead generation, live assistance, live web chat, and even follow-up calls. It processes customers’ orders. We cannot talk about Davinci without its automated services. These services include online faxing, call routing, a personalized company voicemail box, and audio conferencing.



RingCentral is an industry-leading cloud-based communications provider that companies use to make and receive calls with more than one device. Even though it is automated, companies can use it to respond to incoming calls using a very human-friendly greeting and tone.

Many businesses embrace RingCentral because of RingCentral MVP. RingCentral MVP is a UcaaS platform that completely simplifies and synchronizes messaging. Moreover, it can easily get across to an employee with the employee directory. It gives companies and businesses a toll-free or local number.

RingCentral provides more complex services. For example, companies use it to enjoy its cheap automated voice-over-internet protocol (VoIP). Its VoIP feature comes with a dial-by-name directory and an easy-to-use phone tree editor.



We cannot talk about call center service without mentioning XACT. This prestigious call center service offers its customers with agents and a shred call center. Unlike other call centers that deal with small businesses, XACT serves businesses irrespective of size. 

Its clients enjoy custom and personalized call solutions. 

XACT has a multi-channel help desk support that answers all the questions customers find answers to. Above all, the company believes strongly in feedback. Hence, it uses outbound surveys to get feedback from customers. Also, businesses enjoy other services such as Web Support, Virtual Receptionist, Order Entry, and Marketing.

MAP Communications


MAP Communications did not start offering 24/7 call center services just a few years ago. It has over 30 years of experience fulfilling the dream of small businesses to provide their users with exceptional customer service. It has users in different industries, including financial, construction, healthcare, and legal industries.

This call center service helps companies with services such as voicemail, answering phone calls, virtual receptionist, etc. If you have a limited budget, Map Communications offers different flexible, low-volume call center plans. 

With any of these different plan options, you can receive messages and feedback from customers. It can either be through text, email, alpha paging, or even a personalized secured portal.

MAP Communications can relate to the other person on the line with a custom greeting or script. Asides from being a call service, MAP Communications can help you fill in form details on a single web page.

Specialty Answering Service (SAS)


Specialty Answering Service (SAS) is a reputable answering service company. They communicate with your customers on your behalf while offering other services such as lead generation services, emergency answering services, and toll-free numbers. If you have customers outside the US, then SAS comes in very handy. They offer international call support services.

Asides from the conventional way of getting feedback from other sources, you have customers who will reach out to you on social media. SAS handles this professionally by answering messages on social media.

Since your business does not operate 24/7, you will need an answering service to cover for you when you close. When you can’t take calls, you can always pass them to SAS operators. Also, SAS has live receptionists. These receptionists work round the clock and can help collect and update your customer’s database.



TeleDirect makes and receives calls for companies in industries such as financial, insurance, healthcare, etc. Asides from making and receiving calls, the company trains hands to provide technical support.Additionally, TeleDirect’s contact center platform allows businesses to incorporate TeleDirect’s call center staff into their own operations. All you need to log in from anywhere is a USB and a PC/tablet.  

Users of TeleDirect enjoy UltraChat integration. UltraChat is an automation tech that ensures the prompt delivery of a customer’s phone order. TeleDirect helps process and automate customers’ orders. Also, it helps you get feedback from customers about your services. Lastly, TeleDirect offers help desk services and reservation services.



AnswerNet is a 24/7 call center, phone answering service, and business process outsourcing (BPO) provider. Companies use AnswerNet for appointment scheduling, customer service, and a host of other contact management duties. It offers chat assistance. 

Its chat assistance automatically accepts orders or addresses sales-related inquiries. Additionally, it is very useful for order processing. It accepts orders and adds these orders to your database.

It also has a hotline service that promotes fast resolving of issues when needed. If there is an urgent issue, it quickly escalates the calls to the right people to resolve. Since it operates 24/7, it handles all calls that come after office houses. Hence, your business does not miss important calls.

Criteria for Determining the “Best” Call Center Service 

The truth is that only you and your company needs can determine the best call center service in the US. Still, there are some that stand out from the rest. Below are some of the features and key points you can use to choose the best call center service in the USA.

  • Technology and Infrastructure
  • Security measures
  • Reviews
  • Services
  • Employee satisfaction


Hiring extra staff as your call center agents might be a cost that you cannot keep up. If you want to have top-notch call reps, then you just need to partner with any of the call center services we just looked at. 

Many of these call center services do more than make and receive calls. Some perform administrative tasks, forward calls, and reply to customers on social media. Others handle difficult tasks such as lead generation and BPO servicesHelport all performed well. Our team is capable of solving challenging tasks like lead generation and best-in-class BPO services.

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