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8x8 Contact Center Vs Ruby Call Center

The buzz surrounding the cloud-based contact center and call centers has reached all-time high decibels that would go unnoticed even to the deaf. Every business is searching for the most effective and reliable means of getting in touch with their customer and ensuring a highly effective customer experience. 

These are the foundations upon which contact and call centers carve a solution to these problems by aggregating highly efficient interactive tools that facilitate customer interaction. However, the apparent agenda that makes up the similarity between contact and call centers needs to cover the disparity between the two platforms. 

The contact center is an all-encompassing customer interaction system that uses advanced technological tools like automatic call centers, speech analysis software IVR, and others to perform customer service functions for small, medium, and large businesses and enterprises. 

On the other hand, call centers focused more on phone calls and using medium-level integrative tools to carry out both inbound and outbound customer services. 

Over the years, many call and contact center businesses have spun out to offer these customer interaction systems to businesses and companies, most especially 8x8 contact centers and ruby call centers. These brands form the basis for delving into the differentiating factors between call and contact centers. Let’s go.   

8x8 Contact Center vs Ruby Call Center Table

Both 8x8 and Ruby introduce a game-changing system of customer services to businesses. However, a series of features and functionalities set them apart, which is essential for every business decision-maker to understand. The table outlines the 

Brand Name



Year Established




Campbell, California, United States

West Coast, Western US

Services Rendered

Cloud-based contact center solutions (omnichannel, analytics, reporting, workforce optimization)

Cloud-based call center solutions (inbound/outbound calls, IVR, call recording, reporting)

Key Features

✓ Extensive omnichannel support (voice, chat, email, SMS, social media) ✓ Advanced analytics and reporting tools ✓ Workforce optimization features (call routing, scheduling, coaching) ✓ Integrations with CRM and other business applications ✓ AI-powered features (virtual assistants, chatbots)

✓ Simple and intuitive interface ✓ Scalable and flexible solution ✓ Competitive pricing ✓ Strong focus on inbound call handling ✓ Integrations with popular CRM and business tools


Pricing varies based on features and number of users. You need to talk to the 8x8 contact centre sales team to get a quote for their plans.

Transparent and predictable, starting at $235/month

Brand Philosophy

Empowering businesses to provide exceptional customer experiences through technology and innovation.

Making call centers easy and accessible for businesses of all sizes.

Target Market

Enterprises and mid-sized businesses with complex customer service needs

Small and medium-sized businesses looking for a simple and affordable call center solution


Cloud and on-premise options available

Cloud-based only


Wider range of integrations with CRM and business applications

Focused integrations with popular tools


More features, including omnichannel support and AI

More focused on core call center functionality


More customization options

More out-of-the-box solution

8x8 Contact Center: Overview


8x8 contact center is a cloud-based solution that embraces revolutionary technologies to improve customer service operations. As a unified contact center service platform that connects businesses with their customers using one channel, 8x8 has carved a niche among its contemporaries with this differentiating customer experience. 

Furthermore, the 8x8 contact center is designed with an inbuilt CRM to Edith, their interoperable messaging system, graphical call flow design, advanced speech and interaction analytics, unlimited calls within 46 countries, skill-based routing, and other vital features. Their users notice this level of exceptional contact center services, who have identified that 8x8 meets their business needs with high-quality customer support that attends to them. 

1. 8x8 Contact Centre Prices

The 8x8 contact center offers various plans and features for companies of all sizes. However, the company has not provided pricing Information on these plans. Therefore, you can visit their pricing page to get a plan quote or ask their sales department for inquiries. 

2. 8x8 Contact Center Key Features

  • Unlimited voice calling to 46 countries
  • HD video and audio conferencing for up to 500 active participants
  • SMS, MMS, and team chat
  • Microsoft Teams integration and more
  • 8x8 Frontdesk for receptionists and operators
  • Supervisor analytics
  • Monitor, whisper, and barge
  • Skills-based routing, IVR, call recording CRM
  • Reporting & Analytics, CX journey mapping
  • Omni-channel support for social media, chat, email, SMS, and video
  • Co-browsing
  • Quality management
  • Speech and text analytics

8x8 Contact Center Target Market 

8x8's contact center is about meeting the needs of companies that seek practical customer experience. 8x8 contact center cloud-based contact center solutions are best suited for IT, healthcare, telecommunications insurance, etc. 

As a pointer to showcase the companies that use 8x8 the most, 17% fall into the scale category (<$50m), and 24% are medium-scale companies. In comparison, large-scale business enterprise ($100m and above) makes up the remaining %9 of their target market. 

Ruby Call Center: Overview


Ruby is a US-based virtual receptionist and call center service. The company has become a revelation for businesses and companies looking for efficient and scalable frontline phone call services. 

With over 14,000 businesses using its services, Ruby has proven to be a transformative call center figure with its features. Small companies, legal firms, healthcare, and other sectors have seamlessly used Ruby virtual receptionist, live chat, automatic lead capture, call routing, transcription, and other vital services. 

Companies of all sizes and businesses have capitalized on these essential features to build effective and diversified customer services. Ruby has an extensive range of integrative possibilities that allow enterprises to integrate tools like Nextiva, Helport, Salesforce, Mycase, etc. 

Another important thing worth noting is Ruby's all-inclusive mobile app. This application helps you stay in touch with real-time processes of the entire call center practice, even if you are not there or working remotely. 

From the safety and data security perspective, Ruby call center transcend their contemporaries with their insistence on providing secured and standardized call center solutions. Ruby has a high standard of service delivery and exceptional customer support. This attention to detail is noticed, outlining outstanding reviews among users. 

1. Ruby Call Centre Prices 

You don't have to break the bank or go outside your company budget to use Ruby call center services. You can get started with Ruby call center services for as low as $235 to enjoy their combined live chat, virtual receptionist, and Omnichannel service. 

2. Ruby Call Center Key Features  

  • Appointment scheduling
  • New client intake via web forms
  • Call routing by type of call
  • Call and text from the app and portal
  • Immediate access to messages
  • One-touch call holding via the app
  • Professional Virtual Receptionist that is Available 24/7 as full-time, part-time, or backup support
  • Virtual receptionist that's Trained to sound like they're part of your staff
  • Conversations in English or Spanish
  • HIPAA-compliant service available
  • PCI-compliant service available
  • Efficient integration of tools like Zapier, mycase, Rocket Matter, and others. 

3. Ruby Call Center Target Market 

Ruby call center provides their virtual receptionist and other conventional call center services to 14,000 small and medium-sized companies in finance, legal, real estate, insurance, etc. 

Choosing the Right Platform for Your Business


Every business has predefined needs and priorities that must be fulfilled. The first consideration for choosing the right option between an 8x8 contact center and the Ruby call center should be your company size and customer service model. 

For a large-size business enterprise with complex customer service needs, an 8x8 contact center would provide you with the required scalability and Omnichannel support across all channels. At the same time, Ruby call center is the best choice for small to medium-scale businesses requiring only small and straightforward inbound and outbound call center solutions. 

Another important consideration is the featured requirements. If your business requires Omnichannel support and integration of extensive technological tools, the 8x8 contact center is your call.

On the other hand, Ruby call center is the best choice for simplified inbound call services that require zero to little integrations. Finally, remember that the best choice is always what works best for your business, not the featured rich option. 

Therefore, you must look at the core features of each platform and align them with your company's needs to make a reasonable decision. 


Unveiling the distinct path of 8x8 and Ruby call centers in this increasingly complex customer service environment can be challenging. Ruby and 8x8 contact center services emerge as the leading frontier of cloud-based customer service platforms that satisfy the growing demand for efficient customer interaction. 

Despite their apparent similarities, Ruby and 8x8 have divergent strengths and applicability. 8x8 contact center provides a flexible and scalable solution for large business enterprises that require state-of-the-art AI-powered IVR, workforce management tools, customer surveys, predictive dialing, and many others. 

On the other hand, Ruby call center is a more streamlined system that provides services for small and medium-scale businesses that require virtual receptionists, live chat, and phone call solutions. Ultimately, deciding which platform has the best features and plans that fit your business needs will go a long way to transforming your customer experience. 

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