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10 Best Call Center Software in 2024

Choosing the best call center software in 2024 is challenging. This is not an avenue to scare you away from such an endeavor. Instead, it is just an indicator of the changing game state that has revolutionized the parameters of selections. 

In yesteryear, choosing call center software based on its functionality and scalability alone is a viable reason. This is no longer tenable in 2024 when we have more demanding customer service

Call center software is an important addition to every business. Most importantly, business that focuses on having a good return on investment. Hence, the need to explore the best call center software in 2024 from which you can choose.

What is Call Center Software

Every metric points to call center software as the key enabler of seamless call center operations. It would be impossible for call center agents to manage customer interactions through an omnichannel system without call center software. 

Depending on the type of functions, call center software is not only restrictive to calls alone. They are also efficient tools for handling business interactions and increasing customer engagement. 

Call center software has a series of cutting-edge technology and features. However, its ability to slot seamlessly with your existing call center infrastructure is an underrated feature that enables far better workforce optimization. 

Also, the omnichannel potentiality is another essential aspect of the call center. This ensures you can interact with customers via email, web, chat, social media, video chat, and many others. 

Best 10 Call Center Software

Getting into the crux of choosing the best 10 call center software is not an easy feat. This is because of the high standard and efficiency of every call center software over the years. 

We have this expert-curated list to ease your journey toward enjoying the optimal performance of your call center services. Let's dive into the following types of call center software. 

Helport Contact Center Software


Helport proprietary software is one of the most prominent types of call center software built to revolutionize customer service.  Helport contact center software is the only software that harnesses the power of artificial intelligence and big data with human excellence to execute contact center functions. 

Increasing use and adoption by enterprises and small businesses has been a testament to this influential technology.  They have seen the transformative impact of Helport contact center software in the upliftment of their operations. 

Helport software is purely intelligence-based, and its power lies in its ability to deliver AI-powered insights and AI tools. These tools open up your contact center lapses and reinforce your areas of strength. 

Also, Helport software is designed to draw from past events and customer data. This is a simple way of helping content center agents understand everything happening in the industry. 

That's not all; your contact center agents are trained with this data to be proactive in their judgment. This is important to help them when providing solutions to customer problems. 

The most impressive thing about Helport contact center software solutions is that you are not required to make one-time payments. Instead, you can contact Helport sales department to curate a software solution to ease your contact center operation. 

Best For 

  • Inbound and Outbound Call 

  • Contact center BPO services 

  • Remote Agent Management

  • Quality Real Tome inspection 

  • Speech Navigation 

  • Intelligence knowledge base 

Price: Contact Helport for Your personalized contact Center software solution. 

RingCentral Contact Center

RingCentral Contact Center champions omnichannel voice communication via cloud technologies. Founded in 1999, the company has an integrated network of custom-built apps. These integrated custom apps enable video meetings, cloud faxing, team messaging, enhanced business SMS, and business phone systems. 

RingCentral Omnichannel possibility is among the best in town. Their Omnichannel feature includes artificial intelligence functionality that helps businesses meet the diverse needs of customer interaction. 

RingCentral stands out with its CX platform, a cutting-edge all-in-one channel. This platform provides voice and digital communication through one centralized channel for efficient agent performance. 

Also, the CX platform has a seamless interface and workforce engagement management tools. RingCentral offers a very diverse plans and pricing system. 

Best For 

  • Customer Analytics 

  • Speech Analytics 

  • Virtual Agent 

  • CRM integration 

  • Inbound and Outbound Calls

  • Omnichannel Functionality 

  • Quality Agent Management 

  • Performance Management 

  • Real-time AI assistance. 

Price: Contact the sales team for Ringcentrak's contact center for Enterprise. RingCX starts from $65 per month/agent. 


Five9 provides reliable contact center software solutions for businesses and enterprises. Their cloud-based software enables contact center agents to provide personalized customer service seamlessly. 

Five9 contact center software relies on Artificial intelligence to enforce a streamlined workforce. This is done through their dedicated, intelligent virtual agent which provides real-time assistance to contact center agents. Also, Five9's collaborative human element framework and artificial intelligence proficiency enhance your contact center experience. 

What sets Five9 contact center software apart is its focus on cloud services. This has created an avenue for businesses to increase their return on investment and build a low-cost contact center channel. 

In summary, Five9's contact center software allows easy scalability, agility, and optimized performance for businesses looking to expand to the next level or market opportunity. 

Best for

  • Inbound and Outbound call

  • Social messaging 

  • Email 

  • Call recording 

  • Workflow automation 

  • Cloud Based platform 

  • AI integration 

  • Geo Redundancy 

  • Workforce Engagement 

Price: Five9 pricing bundle starts from $175 per month. You can also get a price quote for personalized services. 

Zendesk Talk

Zendesk talk is the talk of the call center software landscape. This is an integrated software that syncs voice solutions with other communication channels. 

Zendesk Talk has been a game-changing experience for call centers worldwide. With this software, you have a unified system for handling conversations. This is achievable when you hold voicemails, calls, and texts in the same hub you use to manage social messaging, chat, and emails. 

Additionally, Zendesk Talk software allows you to add a call button. This is to ensure that your customer can reach you without hassle. 

Zendesk Talk has been a popular choice for brands seeking a personalized solution to every customer complaint. Zendesk has achieved excellence with call monitoring and reporting features. This has provided an avenue to analyze customer sentiment to provide tailored services. 

Zendesk Talk provides accurate reports, allows cross-channel reporting, compares performance on all messaging channels, and monitors calls to ensure quality customer conversations. 

Best for

  • Unified Conversation 

  • Integrated Voice solution 

  • One Click Call Button 

  • Custom Application 

  • Cloud-Based Service 

  • IVR

  • Call Routing 

  • Cross Channel Reporting 

Pricing: Basic plan starts at $19 per month. 

8x8 Contact Center


8x8 contact center is another intuitive, all-in-one contact center software. Widely regarded for its best-in-class quality management, the 8x8 contact center provides everything needed for successful contact center operations. 

8x8 provides its users with unrivaled unified communications. This is developed to offer a balanced view of what's happening in all their communication channels. 

With over 30 years of experience in the UC and CC industry, 8x8 offers the best solution to help your business thrive. Especially in this age of diverse customer service needs. 

&x8 service is best for businesses needing simple customer information for efficient call center operations. Also, it is an excellent choice for businesses to integrate CRM like Salesforce, Microsoft, and other custom software for a seamless customer experience. 

Best for 

  • Customer Engagement 

  • Cloud-based contact center operation 

  • Omnichannel routing 

  • Adaptive call center analytics 

  • Speech analytics 

  • Back to front office analytics 

  • CRM integration 

  • Global support 

  • Built-in workspace 

  • First Rate analytics 

  • Workforce engagement management 

  • Inbound and outbound call

  • Self-service and automation 

Pricing: 8x8 does not have a defined price. You have to talk to any of their sales team to get a price estimate of their services. 

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Freshdesk Contact Center

Freshdesk contact center software is a masterpiece. This is because it encompasses the power of generative AI, self-service, customer conversational support, and ticketing. These features are excellent choice for businesses looking to analyze conversations to deduce insights that can propagate their businesses. 

With Freshdesk contact center software self-service features, companies can execute most of their customer service operations with virtual machines. This will ensure their customer service agents focus on other business operations. 

FreshDesk's advanced ticketing services provide a consistent and reliable service delivery without missing anything. This is helpful for businesses to swiftly resolve customer issues, track accountability, and provide a personalized solution to every customer. 

Best for 

  • Advanced ticketing 

  • AI-powered self-service 

  • Conversational support 

  • Performance Analytics 

  • Omnichannel functionality 

  • Role-based access control 

  • Dedicated dashboard

  • Account management 

  • User targeting 

Pricing: FreshDesk has a tiered-based pricing model that ranges between $29 and $ 131$ per month for enterprise users. 

Avaya OneCloud CCaaS

Avaya is an innovative contact center hub that provides a way for you to have a consistent customer service experience. Avaya calls Center software is designed to give agents a more straightforward path to resolving customer issues. This is done with AI speech analytics and noise cancellation options. 

Also, businesses can enjoy the benefits of Avaya automation and self-service solutions to eliminate repetitiveness. With automation, your customers can sort out their problems instantly. 

That's not all. Avaya ensures your call center agents are not left alone when navigating the terrain of customer service. Avaya empowers agents with in-call monitoring tools and live coaching needed for effective engagement. 

Lastly, Avaya's call routing functionality is a wonder piece to behold. Businesses can be rest assured that all customer complaints will be directed to the proper channels. 

Best for

  • Cloud service 

  • Self-service 

  • Speech analytics 

  • Noise cancellation 

  • Call routing 

  • Workforce management 

  • Single view desktop 

Pricing: Get in touch with an Avaya sales representative to get price quotes. 

Genesys Cloud

Genesys contact center software is another all-in-one cloud-based solution. This is a thrilling experience for businesses looking to scale up their business worldwide. 

With Genesys contact center software, you respond to your customers from various channels like chat, text, social media, etc, within one interface. 

Businesses can use AI-powered self-service to liberate their agents from repetitive customer interaction. Also, Genesys cloud, analytics, and workforce engagement management functionality provide businesses with needed insights and help them polish that into meaningful business decisions. 

Best for 

  • Outbound and Inbound call

  • AI-powered self-service 

  • Cloud-based service 

  • Workforce management 

  • Unified customer engagement channel 

  • Dedicated workspace 

Pricing: Starting from $75 to $155 per month. You can opt-in for their AI experience for as low as $40/month or talk to sales for a custom quote. 


Talkdesk is a flexible and innovative AI-powered cloud-based contact center software. Talkdesk understands the intricacies surrounding every industry and has developed its software to cater for every industry. Talkdesk call center software is available to finance, healthcare, retail, etc. 

Talkdesk AI-powered software provides businesses and enterprises with a simple solution to modern customer service. This is achieved through the Omnichannel possibility, ensuring all engagements ranging from voice to digital are monitored via one channel. 

Businesses and enterprises have, over the years, relied on Talkdesk software to track customer experience. They have also relied on them for integration of collaborative framework between agents, managing their workforce, and providing self-service operations. 

Best for 

  • Self-service 

  • Cloud-based service 

  • Voice call 

  • Workforce engagement management 

  • Omnichannel functionality 

  • Performance Analytics 

  • CRM integration 

Pricing: Starting from $85 to $145 per user per month 

Vonage Contact Center

Vonage cloud contact center software can be used to deliver a well-rounded customer service experience. Companies can use Vonage contact center software to integrate any pre-loaded applications and tools like Salesforce, Zendesk, etc, for optimal service delivery. Also, Vonage has provided an Omnichannel platform that allows businesses and enterprises to enjoy a unified method of managing customer engagement. 

With the Vonage cloud possibility, companies can scale to any length they want.  While at the same time enjoying the flexibility of remote access wherever your contact center agent stays. Vonage also embraces AI self-service with a dedicated chatbot that handles all your contact center functions for a seamless customer experience. 

Best for 

  • Virtual Assistant 

  • Custom dashboard 

  • Omnichannel 

  • Call transcription 

  • Speech analytics 

  • Cloud-based service 

  • Seamless CRM integration 

Pricing: Contact the Vonage sales team to get their pricing quote. 

How To Choose the Best Call Center Software

So, you have seen our curated 10 best call center software in 2024. We understand the complexity that often comes with picking from these many options. However, it's ideal if you prioritize your needs first. You can then follow that by taking a moment of introspection.  

It is important to be focused on call center software that provides all basic functionalities like Omnichannel support, AI and Human interaction, real-time agent monitoring, seamless integration with other CRM, and many others. By following the above-stated processes, you are on your way to choosing the best software solution that will empower your team. 


Behind every productive call center service is a software algorithm that simplifies the processes. Call center software ensures your business is well-equipped with optimized customer interaction and workforce engagement management. 

However, the number of call center software developed over the years can make this process difficult for everyone. This is the basis upon which we create this curated top ten call center list. This is done to guide you onhow you can choose the best that fits perfectly into your business needs. 

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